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  1. Josh. How many times has DTW beat out ORD since 2000
  2. Steve said that ORD would beat Detroit by 20” I think Detroit is up by 12”. Lmao
  3. I was heading to the now abandoned sugar loaf west of Traverse City in Jan 97. 14-19” fell in just a few hours. I remember driving from east TC to west TC. It went from flurries to just blinding snow. It was insane. A buddy of mine was so scared he was laying down in the backseat. Lol.
  4. About 6-6.5” here in macomb. Some saying 7”-8” little more southeast of me
  5. About 4-4.5” around stoney creek
  6. Conveyor belt of snow per NAM for SEMI.
  7. Classic 8-12” snow for SEMI
  8. You ever notice whenever he’s in a conversation with somebody, debate argument…whatever. Or to just troll Josh. He’s always Florida pound he’s always going “somewhere else”
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