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  1. Josh. How many times has DTW beat out ORD since 2000
  2. Steve said that ORD would beat Detroit by 20” I think Detroit is up by 12”. Lmao
  3. I was heading to the now abandoned sugar loaf west of Traverse City in Jan 97. 14-19” fell in just a few hours. I remember driving from east TC to west TC. It went from flurries to just blinding snow. It was insane. A buddy of mine was so scared he was laying down in the backseat. Lol.
  4. About 6-6.5” here in macomb. Some saying 7”-8” little more southeast of me
  5. About 4-4.5” around stoney creek
  6. Conveyor belt of snow per NAM for SEMI.
  7. Classic 8-12” snow for SEMI
  8. You ever notice whenever he’s in a conversation with somebody, debate argument…whatever. Or to just troll Josh. He’s always Florida pound he’s always going “somewhere else”
  9. You’re an idiot is this your first day tracking weather? Have you not figured out how clippers work. There’s always an isolated area that always over achieves. It’s called banding. All you do is come in here and troll Josh all day. Get out of your little Clinton Township bubble and come north a little bit and see for yourself.
  10. Near 6” around here. Some spots in Rochester had close to 7”.
  11. josh getting factory effect snow
  12. 1870 redux for Toronto? GFS showing another monster similar track as the last storm. It’s happened before. Lol
  13. Congratrs Toronto!!!. Only a couple storms in my life that came close to something like that. Jan 92, Jan 99 and NYE 07>08.
  14. Wasn’t there a storm in 2013-15. Toronto picked up 12-15” ???
  15. Every picture, every tweet/FB post everyone says over 40 cm fell. Not Pearson. For some odd reason. Lol. To me personally from a far looks like 14-18” fell
  16. In the last 3-4 years. I haven’t been on much but I have noticed very few Michigan and Ontario posters. It has Turned into western lakes (Chicagoland) circle jerk. And no. I have not seen him in a very long time. Last time I heard of him he lived in Edmonton.
  17. No Toronto posters anymore. Chicago peeps scare them off?
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