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  1. 2” roughly so far. Very windy. Decent band currently
  2. About 3 inches in Traverse City the ground was barely covered before this snow tonight.
  3. Per Ben. Lake Orion has had 18.8” this year. Lol
  4. Question is. How deep into January does Chicago go
  5. until sunday night->Monday. early call. 2-4"
  6. hopefully this survives the torch tomorrow
  7. Quick incher today. Inching our way to average this winter
  8. All have one thing in common. The Relentless SE Ridge. That won’t budge
  9. Yes. I do not remember any memorable storms in the last 80’s.
  10. Does not look to promising with that SE Ridge unfortunately.
  11. most overlooked decade/period was the mid 80's thru early 90's. From 1983 thru 1991. not much was going on.
  12. shut up. they have almost no chance.
  13. Looks like another sneaky 2-3” event for SEMI Thursday per gfs.
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