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  1. Yep. Like Clockwork. Every year. Same crap.
  2. Somehow, some mysterious way this area is going to hit average to slightly above by winters end I'm guessing. Lol.
  3. West and NW burbs of Detroit 8-11"
  4. This is the heaviest snow I've ever pushed in my life 8" of hell
  5. I'll take the over on your 2" call
  6. Hrrrr about to dump a load on Metro Detroit
  7. Winter are trash south of the 41st
  8. I'm going to go on limb here and safely say it'll likely won't work out for Toledo.
  9. Not even close the the second half of the 80’s and most the 90’s was very lame here in far lower Michigan. There is only a few storms in a 10-15 year span that was even noticeable.
  10. 11 systems of 12” in northern oakland county since 1999
  11. What location outside of Michigan What does this mean
  12. Jesus Steve. I’ll take Michigan winters pretty much over any other location in the Midwest.
  13. Josh. How many times has DTW beat out ORD since 2000
  14. Steve said that ORD would beat Detroit by 20” I think Detroit is up by 12”. Lmao
  15. I was heading to the now abandoned sugar loaf west of Traverse City in Jan 97. 14-19” fell in just a few hours. I remember driving from east TC to west TC. It went from flurries to just blinding snow. It was insane. A buddy of mine was so scared he was laying down in the backseat. Lol.
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