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  1. The only 16 inch plus storm that I can remember that was done within 12 hours was that New Year’s Eve 2008 storm and that’s as rare as it gets around here.
  2. I totally understand what you’re saying. I get it it wasn’t as flashy as most 16 inch storms are. It took 29 hours to get it and I do understand people will forget it because it took forever to get to that point but Detroit is not notorious for 12 inch plus events so I don’t know how people could forget about it and somebody like Steve chooses to forget about it because he just likes to complain about Southeast Michigan, that’s my opinion
  3. For the record, the snow started around 2 AM Sunday morning and ended around 7 AM Monday morning. i’m not diminishing the storm at all. I just know it was a long, duration event. And Steve, forgetting the storm is classic Steve. Complain just to complain.
  4. Mysteriously u don’t remember. That was an area wide 13-18” 15-16” in central macomb to be exact
  5. I’m on the east side now. I have relocated to the the Stoney creek area. No longer in the mountains
  6. That was some of the heaviest snow I have ever seen locally here, at one point tI had to be pushing 4 inches an hour
  7. Yep. 3-4” across north of 59. Maybe another 1.5” - 2” to go as well by looking at the radar. A nice 4-6” event
  8. I haven’t seen the sun in a month
  9. About 7” total since 4pm yesterday
  10. Surface temps will be in the mid 30’s at the start. Sounds very familiar
  11. Best analog potentially is the 1992 storm.
  12. At that time there wasn’t local spotters to measure snow so you had to rely on local news to give you reports, but I do remember a reporter stationed in Taylor Michigan saying that he measured 14 inches of snow on the ground. My dad said it was over a foot. I was young I had a bed time so I can’t give any more details. lol
  13. I don’t remember rain in this system. What I remember it started at 11 o’clock. It started heavy and ended heavy. It was like eight hour show. 10-15” fell across SEMI. 2 days off of school.
  14. The hills were that 1 degree colder. Most locals got over 10” some over 12”
  15. Yep. Like Clockwork. Every year. Same crap.
  16. Somehow, some mysterious way this area is going to hit average to slightly above by winters end I'm guessing. Lol.
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