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  1. Don’t know if you know but I relocated on the east side (Shelby Township macomb) so I’m no longer in the elevation. And we are doing just as good as the elevated areas is today. This area is approaching 3 inches and it’s still snowing good. So you’re wrong for at least today.
  2. There’s school closings in the Detroit area. No joke 1-2” otg this morning and there’s closings
  3. I shouldn’t complain we just had 1.8” in 70 mins here. Probably another 1-2” today. I guess it met forecast
  4. There’s equal chances this misses semi south.
  5. Let’s hope we get at least 4-5”. This is turning sour for us very quickly. Thanks to that stalled out storm in New Foundland/Labrador
  6. Today’s weenie cam ST John’s New foundland. 12 to 20” for today. Expected to be 1 to 3 inch rates per hour http://ntv.ca/web-cams/pub-cam/
  7. Few more tenths over night put us slightly over 3”. Very nice surprise
  8. 2.5”-3.0” so far north of 59 in Shelby TWP.
  9. It’s very far away. I just figure it’s easier to relocate in North America versus Japan Sapporo would be my pick. Better sustained winters if I had to move to Japan
  10. The perfect realistic major city area to live for snowfall and prolonged winter is Montreal or Ottawa Canada. Quebec City is another place but I think it’s a metropolitan of 700,000 people at the most. That is even better place.
  11. Prolonged Winter is not a guarantee south of the 45th parallel, especially along the I-80 corridor pts south. You haven’t seen nothing yet when I was growing up in the 80s and 90s those were some shit winters. Pretty close to this train wreck we are experiencing now and Unfortunately looking at that past. This could be like this for many seasons to come. So there’s a simple solution to all this. Pack up your bags move to Marquette Michigan even in a lesser winter they still manage to get somewhere around100 inches a year. You live only one time. Make it happen!
  12. Ended up with 3.5” in Kalkaska. Still snowing.
  13. I was in Tennessee this summer and I thought the same thing you just said. I couldn’t believe how nice people were in Tennessee. My whole view of Southerners was completely wrong.
  14. I think the opposite happens. 40’s/50’s and 60’s April to almost memorial weekend. Even some flakes in early May! Lol
  15. Euro weeklies is warm for late Jan into most of February
  16. This is the one year I think we needed a brutal winter keeps people home.
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