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  1. And Detroit sees more snow days than Chicago. Steve has seen almost 10" this season with 3 2-4" events. Chicago has had almost zero and he still bags on our winters. its ridiculous
  2. trash post! Chicago is down 8" and they already average 5-6" less on average per year. i would easily take that bet
  3. Major drought setting up in lower Michigan. We avoid any real rains.
  4. 9.0” (roughy) impossible to measure accurately 2.1” yesterday morning 11.1” total. Snow depth about 15”
  5. I’d say 6.5”-7” it started out strong then we had the dry air play into the system. Flake size was underwhelming after the lull. 2.1” this morning 8.5”-9” in total.
  6. Quick question for u Chicago peeps. How much has Evanston received under that band today?
  7. Everything looks more west. Might be just me.
  8. Detroit area gonna get destroyed tonight
  9. another 2-3” event. This was like I believe the 16th 2-3” type event. 3.0” last night. Depth around 8”.
  10. Here in SEMI. It’s been a strange winter lots of snow events but all very forgettable numbers wise. We have about on average in metro Detroit 5” to maybe 6” otg
  11. Pure fluff about 2.5”. Snow depth is about 6-7”
  12. Additional half inch this morning here. Total of 4.25”
  13. Around 4” and 3.5” of it fell in under 90 mins. It was awesome and I did not see thundersnow.
  14. Longstreet on WJBK said 1-2” with rain mixing in as far north as 696 lol
  15. Pump. The brakes. Lol You’re flying down the road at 100 miles an hour in a 50 mile an hour speed limit zone. Slow down
  16. No difference between Berkeley and Utica. Smh warm tongue issues will be along the water if there is one.
  17. I don’t think he lives in the hills. I think he’s in southern oakland.
  18. Your standards has really dropped crush job? It’s a 4-6” event. CMC squashed the storm
  19. Looks like a solid 2” to 5” event for the Detroit area.
  20. Extremely active pattern going forward. My worry is that it’s south of the lower great lakes
  21. Wrong storm. I meant the one on Thursday
  22. I think 2 to 3 inches is a good call
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