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  1. It’s very far away. I just figure it’s easier to relocate in North America versus Japan Sapporo would be my pick. Better sustained winters if I had to move to Japan
  2. The perfect realistic major city area to live for snowfall and prolonged winter is Montreal or Ottawa Canada. Quebec City is another place but I think it’s a metropolitan of 700,000 people at the most. That is even better place.
  3. Prolonged Winter is not a guarantee south of the 45th parallel, especially along the I-80 corridor pts south. You haven’t seen nothing yet when I was growing up in the 80s and 90s those were some shit winters. Pretty close to this train wreck we are experiencing now and Unfortunately looking at that past. This could be like this for many seasons to come. So there’s a simple solution to all this. Pack up your bags move to Marquette Michigan even in a lesser winter they still manage to get somewhere around100 inches a year. You live only one time. Make it happen!
  4. Ended up with 3.5” in Kalkaska. Still snowing.
  5. I was in Tennessee this summer and I thought the same thing you just said. I couldn’t believe how nice people were in Tennessee. My whole view of Southerners was completely wrong.
  6. I think the opposite happens. 40’s/50’s and 60’s April to almost memorial weekend. Even some flakes in early May! Lol
  7. Euro weeklies is warm for late Jan into most of February
  8. This is the one year I think we needed a brutal winter keeps people home.
  9. It’s not warm. It’s not cold. Little in the way of precipitation. Strange winter
  10. Sorta. The “change” is getting pushed back. Sound familiar?
  11. If the pattern changes mid month they will easily pass Detroit. Probably on first LES event.
  12. Every week for this epic storm gets pushed back. Last week was 10-15th. This week it’s the 15-21st. This is how you know you’re in a warm winter
  13. 2 pages on this thread. 2 damn pages!
  14. 2020 will be easily forgettable in SEMI. Other than the May 10th snow event. Pretty much a snoozer.
  15. With the way that is looking. Probably not Bo either.
  16. The best Detroit can get was feb 2015 and people from Chicago call it JR GHD blizzard!
  17. Normal people always remembers the big dogs, never the small dogs.... me, personally. I enjoy winter. I’ll take dozens of 5-10” events over one 20” event every 3-4 years and nothing in between. But that’s me.
  18. Either. The virus doesn’t live outside. It’s dependent on travel and indoor peaks which is why prevalent in winter. More indoor activities more shopping holidays etc cold outside makes your nose run initially when entering warm house.. blah blah
  19. GRR, MI has 0.4” on the year so far.
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