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  1. I’ll put money on it that isolated areas of central/western Oakland, Western macomb around stoney creek and parts of the thumb...is the driest area(s) East of the Mississippi
  2. Huge portions of SEMI is in a drought. I’ve never seen it this dry. Parts of Western Oakland county is completely cooked. Rain tonight looks minimal, again.
  3. What does a shot of afternoon storms have to with the west being dryer than the East?
  4. Are u joking with this post? It’s the absolute opposite the east side of Michigan has had little rain in the last three months in a lot of areas. Me personally living in northern Macomb we haven’t had squat you should take a ride in northern/central Macomb everything is brown. I’m at about just under 1” of rain where I’m at since June 1
  5. Just wanted to fill u in. Much of SEMI especially the northern burbs of Detroit did pick their 3rd 6”+ event of the season. 11.2” 7.7” and still going but it’s currently at about 6.0” with maybe another 1” or so. To go. What’s remarkable. This is the 11th 6”+ event since the winter of 17/18.
  6. For many decades the records were taken at city airport which is arguably one of the worst spots for snowfall in the entire state of Michigan. Now if you head west by 20 miles or north by 20 miles snowfall probably almost increases by 15 to 20 inches per season.
  7. You were only talking about Detroit? No you were not. You were talking about Southeast Michigan as a whole it’s a little bit bigger than Detroit. Have you looked at the map of Southeast Michigan lately
  8. Just a really poor attempt at a joke I just had to let them now.
  9. Actually this will be the third snow storm of 6 inches or more. This is actually very routine for the northern suburbs of Detroit, extremely routine. The statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Just a really poor attempt at a joke. Now a big dog for this area is definitely 10-18 inches but we never touch 18 inches but we usually cap off at about 17 at the highest
  10. I’m just saying I don’t think Detroit snowfalls enough to really truly miss it. I don’t really think there’s anywhere in the southern half of lower Michigan to really miss it. Maybe around GRR
  11. I think it was earlier that Saturday morning when it was coming down but has the day went on it struggled to accumulate
  12. There’s not really much to miss in Detroit to regards to winter. Seriously. What did he miss...31”? U r not gonna miss that. Lol
  13. I remember the April 23-25 2005 snowstorm in SEMI brought upwards of 16” in Northern Oakland county (40 miles NNW of Detroit) it was a stalled out low that sat and spun for over 2 days. What I remembered is that 90% of the accumulation happened at night. During the day it rarely stuck. Moral of the story is that.... u start approaching very late April into May. Now, snow has to happened at night.
  14. My cousin that lives in Toronto lost his entire family on that highway between White River and Wawa. Wife pregnant 8 months, 18 month old daughter and mother in law. Moving from Winnipeg to Toronto. Ironically they hit head on a family that was moving from Toronto to Edmonton in July 2006. Devastating is an understatement what he has gone through.
  15. APN __ 77.0” ORD __ 45.8” CLE __ 82.4” CMH __  38.9” DET __ 58.4” FWA __ 47.8”  GRR __ 82.0”  GRB __ 55.6” IND __ 28.8” LSE __ 40.6”  YXU __ 104.4” SDF __ 17.7” MQT __ 189.0”  MKE __ 54.0” MSP __ 47.7”  MLI __ 27.0” PAH __ 21.0” PIA __ 22.0” STL __ 25.0” YYZ __ 63.2”  Tiebreakers  1. December 2017 snowfall ORD (10.2”) 2. January 2018 snowfall IND (11.0”)  3. February 2018 snowfall (12.0”)
  16. 96.2” in Oxford, MI 72.2” in Shelby TWP, MI Northern Oakland had 5-7 storms of 6 inches or more this season. While NW Macomb had 3 7”+ events.
  17. About 5.1” in Oxford. Snow starting to pick up once again. Looks like another 1 to 2” this PM. Tomorrow north of 59. Another 3 to 5” possibly.
  18. It depends where in SEMI. Some spots in Oakland county hit their 6th... 6”+ event of the season this morning. Which is about 20-45 miles NNW of Detroit.
  19. Coming into today... Northern Oakland was sitting at 78.0” DTX office roughly 67.0” NW Macomb county 64.0” about 1.5” thus far tonight. Some spots in the hills will get 4-6” tonight.
  20. I wouldn’t even get upset if I lived south of the 42nd parallel. I mean you have to understand winter is not a guarantee. Heck, it’s not a guarantee south of the 45th. We don’t live that far north. Detroit is as north as Rome,Italy. Also the last 20 winters. Standards have risen. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s this winter we are seeing now is pretty much exactly how it was back then. Except maybe that tiny spot in SEMI that has over achieved but close.
  21. APN __ 72.6” ORD __ 27.6” CLE __ 45.3” CMH __ 14.7” DET __ 30.5” FWA __ 32.2” GRR __ 57.8” GRB __ 43.3” IND __ 11.6” LSE __ 31.7” YXU __ 73.0” SDF __ 9.7” MQT __ 167.5” MKE __ 35.0” MSP __ 42.5” MLI __ 14.0” PAH __ 12.6” PIA __ 8.9” STL __ 12.5” YYZ __ 44.6” 1. 2.3” 2. 3.8” 3. 6.8”
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