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  1. Yep - at least an inch or 2 "bump" in their totals -
  2. Hopefully that full-on lag effect that happened with the Super NINO carries over so that this acts more like the 1st yr Nina we thought we were getting last season.
  3. Yep, and last year's long range winter indicators & calls were looking great....til the wheels came off right about Christmas. But, for the record I'm still drawn in like a moth to flames, lol
  4. Fantastic! We can't hold a candle to your rugged beauty, but I could post some equally blazing color shots from around SWMI which is way early for us.
  5. Gotta catch a break once in a while! Had a 30% risk turn into 2" of very welcomed rain, complete with a flood advisory! http://forecast.weather.gov/wwamap/wwatxtget.php?cwa=grr&wwa=flood advisory
  6. Yeah, but even Jonger and I agree with him on that point, lol
  7. I expect warmth in MI during peak tropical season tbh. Seems more likely when the Atlantic is active like now. Heck, we see a fair amount of 70-ish Halloween's and I've seen mid-70's for gun deer camp in NMI. The real story here is the negative departures in the first 10 days of this month. And it was pretty robust.
  8. Nice day there. Just like I remember when I checked out the Locks back in Sept '07 Bishop Baraga was living in the Sault late in his missionary days in the UP. At age 65 he hiked on snow-shoes from there down to Fort Mackinac, sleeping under the starry skies and temps of 40º below zero. In that era, 65 was like 90 today. One tough dude! Anyways, there's your UP trivia for today. Enjoy Story can be found here. If you don't have this book, you're missing a true Michigan wx gem
  9. Thinking with Irma tracking north into GA it might really delay any utility crews coming down to help restore the grid. Unlike Andrew and Wilma cutting east or west across the S. Tip
  10. That map looks like "Super Typhoon" Irma. My childhood buddy had an Aunt Irma. Uncommon name at least these days. May need to be retired!
  11. For sure. I don't personally have any use for cold in Sept, but if Augtober wx happened on the 24th, Septvember wx could be on the table as well. '76 and '89 should tell us that
  12. The Harvey effect!
  13. One could certainly feel that way, lol. But the last two MET autumns were over all mild, and we haven't had a (super) early autumn since Idk? '09? We may be due a cold autumn and early winter instead of the flip/torches of the last two.
  14. 56º and hvy rain about 9 am here in St. Joseph this morning. Augtober wx!
  15. I was under that 102F in S Bend, having an in-ground pool built. It was too hot for the crew working down in the massive hole (with zero breeze) so the owner cancelled the day's work. Pretty frustrating when your new pool doesn't get up and running until after the heat breaks!
  16. 2015-16 Super Nino was the snowiest for SCMI since 72-73. Only FAIL category was duration of snow that fell. Within a few days of a storm, it was history. #MAwinter it was.
  17. Well, Marshall took a direct hit in 2014 and had quite the streak from 2010-14 and we were narrowly missed by early yesterday morning's damaging event. But, yeah, it's been pretty much dead the past 3 summers including this year.
  18. Yep, dynamic conditions continue to avoid this area like the plague!
  19. Have to say, I couldn't have said it better. Those TOG(s) were not at all the definition of "brief spinner". It was a legit miss, similar to last August in OH. Not on that scale, but a miss nonetheless.
  20. We've had the worst since Sept '08 on the Kalamazoo (in early April), and now this storm looms! Like Pwrball said, eff it! I mean seriously, if this verifies, we'll be a slim margin above dealing with frozen! Where was this all winter?!?
  21. Fighting basement flooding due to a high water table for a month already. Don't need another drop! In this era of non-normal wx, watch the spigot get turned off brutally hard for summer.
  22. So, you're saying 2" now not 1"?
  23. To the bolded - could not have said it better! Ofc, mby is one of those way inland locales that got the LES the shoreline normally rakes in, so that's the single item that I'm not able to agree with, lol. I do agree that Josh's place has had way too much of yby's snow though. And it's not just been this year.
  24. That's insane, and it'd get to anyone who even remotely likes snow/winter! Don't have words for your situation..just unreal stretch