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  1. I remember last spring as a nice one in SWMI. But the only other that comes to mind is 2017 (post-Morch era)
  2. You can blame "classic" far SEMI p-type issues per DTX They're actually forecasting the highest accumulations north of the Metro (as per usual it seems). Shocker!
  3. Circa '93 or '94 I was on my morning commute inland about 6 am. Ran into an (unforecast) 18" LES dump in Kalkaska. It was already done snowing and I have no way to know how quickly it fell. There was a guy driving a small compact Ford on his way to the military base with his hood open and the entire engine compartment was packed tight with snow. I couldn't stop to give him a lift or I too would've been stuck, lol.
  4. Lol. In October that's close window temps
  5. I'm sure you did. Canton actually covers a lot of real estate. I see KYIP reported 3.4", and as said, I'd go up to 4" for here, but there was some real bad radar gaps at least twice in this region, so I'd believe that report.
  6. Which ironically scored bigly with yesterday's storm. You and downriver also riding a hot hand with these systems. You've almost doubled my 9.6" combined total for both storms. That's crazy over just half a county non LES events at that.
  7. While you "can't believe low reports around Detroit metro", I can tell you it's true because I'm looking at it here! Seem to have found the ultimate screw-zone for this area. And here I always thought it was a toss-up between DTW and Macomb.
  8. I see, just another NW Wayne "radar hole". This place seems full of 'em.
  9. Stepped out of work a little before 6 pm to legit storm conditions. Windshield was an icy and drifted mess. Scraped half, then went to the other side. By the time I got that done, the first side was covered again. It was coming down heavy. This was in very western Livonia. Just looked out the front door window and it seems to have ended here. Meh at another 3-4" "storm". But it was a nice reminder for a few hours what a real storm is like.
  10. Guess I've been lucky to see 5 in The Mitt. April 2-3. 1975, Bliz of '99, March 2012 (chase to NWMI), Jan 4-6 2014, GHD-2 But! I'm ready for another one. Too bad I moved to a place they rarely visit.
  11. Amazing what real frozen ground can do. I was shocked driving home after work at how much snow was left in places, not to mention drifted areas, and piles ofc. Lots of spring-like puddles tho too. A very March-ish feel
  12. CPC: Chicago and west/SW get the winds. The Mitt - never
  13. Not in the purest sense, no. Streamers coming all the way from Lake Michigan is the classic LES event. Per DTX tho, the environment was enhanced by lake moisture but cells were triggered by an imbedded wave of energy and perhaps that clipper sliding by to the south? I know it was shown on a surface map this pm as a trough running right overhead.
  14. Meanwhile, a near total whiff just a few miles SW of there. I watched that solid band of returns move almost due N to S just grazing me twice with it's western edge. 3-4" on the snow map. Another fail here. I don't see .3-.4" out there. Sidewalks are not even fully coated. Sad winter for mby.
  15. Somehow, I knew that was too good to be true. Didn't even make half the lower-end here. And that was with a decent contribution from wave 2, lol. Worst blown forecast (snowfall wise) in a long long time.
  16. Fluff on the slopes is better. I was just talkin about having a decent 6-10" OTG that's not so prone to sublimation, settling, etc. Dense foundation when it was RN-->SN low ratio is ideal base for snowmobiles. I had to drive a couple hours west and saw lots of sled tracks across fields and along the roads in the drifts along the north side of 94. "Drift busting" was my favorite riding years ago when I had sleds in SEMI, where there wasn't any real trail system available. Lots of great drifting winters back in the mid-80's.
  17. Top shelf winter day across SMI. Upper 20s to low 30s and full sunshine. Fresh snow cover is high-moisture dense stuff, not fluff. Wish I could've been on the slopes.
  18. I can wait til March for a 70 day. Dreaming of the day I go out and get in my car and it's actually warm in there, lol
  19. That map is actually accurate for here at least. The other one wants to show 8+ around here when 5.6" was reality.
  20. Hi. Last August. North part near Lilley and Warren Rds.
  21. Hourly Obs would indicate a fairly brief intermission from the snows of wave #1 and the 2nd wave of only 4 hrs. That's actually not much of a lull.
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