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  1. Yep. Going to start paying for extended summer this weekend the bill comes due. Even the last 3 mornings in the low 40s have felt very cold compared to the 65+ morning lows that have been a common theme this autumn. I like the change into winter, I just dislike being cold, lol
  2. It's true. Nothing plays by the rules any more. 2007-08 analog gives a warm fuzzy, but who really knows. 2017-18 also had a hot October and turned into a pretty good winter for some. It certainly featured one of the colder and snowier holiday weeks in many moons.
  3. Yep. Entire first half of Oct 2013 was endless summer...then the flip
  4. Several things. A change of life seasons, a new job, and a desire to live in a bigger city all came together in 2021. Thanks for the welcome back! Nothing will top 13-14 for Detroit proper, but elsewhere across SMI (like KBTL) for instance, 81-82 actually beat 13-14 in most snow depth categories, though interestingly, both had exactly the same max depth at 22"
  5. October storms NEVER seem to repeat in January whereas November storms have a pretty good history of doing so. Tbh, September storms like we just had are such a rarity/oddity that I can't even guess at our odds of a repeat this winter but they have to be better than an October storm. After nearly 31 years I have returned to my native CWA here in SEMI. I'm exactly in the midpoint of Plymouth-Canton in Wayne cnty just about 8 miles NW of KDTW. Not really a big metro guy, but this works ok for me. Hopefully I've brought a magnet or luck charm or something with me lol. I moved to Traverse 9-5-90, and 2 months to the day I moved-in was greeted with a 15" concrete mixer storm at my new place. Was there in 96-97 for their snowiest winter of record (200+ mby). Then moved to South Bend that summer to escape such madness of endless white, just to rendezvous with blizzards in '98/99/00 there. Went to Marshall in '02 and got both 08-09 and 13-14 a virtual tie for snowiest/coldest winters in that region at an impressive 100" each. Both my parents were city of Detroit natives. I now reside exactly 20 miles west of where my grandparent's home was a century ago. Talk about full circles. Now my own memory of Detroit's "great winters" would include 74-75 with the December monster, 81-82 with at least 20" depth in much of the region, Jan '99 the last time KDTW reported a 24" depth OTG. Then ofc the more recent great seasons including the record-breaking 2013-14. Oh, and KDTX isn't afraid to issue a "watch", unlike my previous office. As for this week's rain storm, a winter version would've been more akin to the April 1886 2-footer than Jan '78, which shafted this area via the WTOD cutting snow totals in half for a few unlucky SEMI counties including Genesee where I was a youth at the time. Winds were still wicked but only worked with 8.5" of new snow and didn't really hold a candle to Jan of '67 for that region. I feel like I've moved to the least snowy place in my life, but obviously Detroit does have it's moments and I'm perfectly fine if another historical something wants to come around this winter. Pulling for SEMI again!
  6. Was a newlywed in '88. Had an older mobile home that baked with a western exposure all afternoon. Was broke after wedding and honeymoon so not even a thought of buying a window a/c unit. Night-time sleep temp inside was 88F with little circulation. Lost a ton of sleep that summer, then had to drive in an old car without a/c to a job on the top floor of an old building with skylights and zero a/c. Had an extreme case of heatwave fatigue when it was done. 113F heat index at KFNT and freeway grass fires in Genesee Cnty. Yeah, nothing will touch '88 for my personal misery index!
  7. UK downgrades C-19 https://www.gov.uk/guidance/high-consequence-infectious-diseases-hcid#status-of-covid-19
  8. I have to wonder how much of that is the "GRR Effect" via conference/coordination calls, lol. Wrt the underlined portion, the most classic one of those scenarios here from GRR was the 1/29/19 PV storm. After 8.8" and 4 hours of legit bliz conditions from the system itself all under a WWA, they then issued a Warning for the follow-on LES which delivered a whopping 0.5" to most of Calhoun. And to be clear, that map they posted above is misleading as it implies the entire CWA got a warning event, when it could be one single county in the CWA and that qualifies to "reset the clock". Aside from the bogus upgrade mentioned above, and the "false warning" of 1/12/2020 (ice storm that never materialized), I just went 1101 days between legit Warnings here in central Calhoun. During that time there were 2 or 3 storms that met warning criteria easily, no question. But, the office prematurely went WWA and just let it ride. Some (20) WWA's to get to Monday's last-minute upgrade. Remember, this is the office that actually issued a WWA for GHD-2 (verified 18-20" monster storm) before correcting themselves again last-minute. PS- I love my office
  9. Looking 8 or 9-ish here on round 2 plus the 1.1" earlier today. Nice little storm. Fun commute home tonight. Drifting was legit in the countryside. Should be a depth around 14-15". Ready 4 more
  10. 1998-99: 24" That's your target! Good luck over there
  11. Sigh..another "one day in the cone" as my drought of Watch/Warn events looks to continue. Twenty WWA's outta my office (and planning on another with these trends)
  12. fwiw, WPC this afternoon said hell yeah! to a spread the wealth event. Tbh, can't remember seeing one of these with this much +SN at once
  13. Plenty of "stills" out there of the grand daddy of all storms for the Mitt, but it's challenging to find much video of the hardest hit areas during the bliz of '78. WSBT in South Bend would occasionally flash some incredible footage during brief anniversary pieces on air (I lived in S. Bend in '98 for the 20th). This home video is a rare find I stumbled on. This is far southern Michigan not even close to any lake enhancement or contribution. I was about the same age as the kid in the film back then. The blizzard began about 11 pm on Wed, Jan 25th and relinquished sometime Friday morning Jan 27th. There was some additional inches added via LES over the next couple days which is the fluffier snow seen on top in the later portion of the reel. This and Jan '67 are the only 2 CAT-5 storms known for sure in SMI. Jan '99 was a CAT-5 for a very small region in far SWMI fwiw. I would like to experience one as an adult. Where I lived in '78 was actually in a low total zone but with the winds and cold it was still totally memorable.
  14. Wrong thread season has begun..
  15. 14.8" bolstered by the Sunday morning storm. As mentioned by MSF, prior to this past weekend I scratched and clawed my way to dbl digits on the backs of +/-1" snow amounts. Most of which melted in short order. Took until the final day of January to see a plow-worthy snow. I think only Mega-Nino of 82-83 rivals that in my personal life-time. Nice to be tracking more chances.
  16. I've got SEMI beat wrt "most pathetic winter". Y'all don't know what horrid is, trust me.
  17. Really need another legit fringe event. This last one mis-read the memo and dropped "inches" instead of "inch"
  18. Haha yeah. Watch sampling take this to West Branch. Serious tho, we could stand a slight bump or two going forward. RDPS looks whiffy
  19. Miss south stank. Can the NAM be any more obvious with that dead spot here? Lol
  20. As Rodney Dangerfield would've said "My one minute of Amwx fame...for all the wrong reasons"
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