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  1. Was my sentiments exactly! SMI was bad enough, but back then I had no idea it was even worse around the region
  2. Nah, we're the place where PDS watches go to die. Prolly the same pattern you've noted that had strong HP's plunging into the GL's and brought ORD much earlier 1st freeze dates, also brought better tornado action. Idk, just a shirt sleeve theory, no science behind it. While not F4/5 strength, the years up til '84 were also active with the F3 in Kzoo ('80) and a memorable outbreak while I was at my first real job in Genesee Cnty circa Aug '84. Had 1 or 2 vehicles flipped over about a mile from my work place and about 7 twisters that afternoon.
  3. #puremichigan..#safeplace
  4. It bodes fantastic for winter. Won't be surprised if some records are challenged, especially for the OHV
  5. Have to clarify. I work in St Joe and last week they got snow overnight but I didn't see it fall. Had flakes in Marshall twice but I was at work 1st time, and asleep last week when my deck caught a dusting. Tomorrow I may finally cross paths with flakes flying, not just sitting, lol
  6. On tablet. But if u circled the bottom right you would capture a bunch of analog seasons for this coming winter.
  7. And notice the other low twister years. Look familiar?
  8. 53F is highest so far in Nov at GR. If they can stay that low, they will tie 1907 as the coldest Nov Max!. Data goes to 1893 there. It's been cold no doubt!
  9. Nevermind accumulations, I'd be quite satisfied to see my first legit flakes flying..baby steps
  10. Lk is your friend...lake is your enemy! That distinct shadow zone in mid-winter is a Bonanza zone, but not in Nov. Surprisingly breezy here this evening. Stiff SE wind and cool temps. Has that feeling like winter when a good storm is setting in. Been too long since a decently strong system took this track.
  11. Purple's over mby, smh..Fun to look at tho. One of these months, it'll be the real deal. Gonna enjoy another round of Gusty winds, which have been a theme so far. If this cycles back thru in winter, it will be impressive for this region. DVN only office talking SN that I've seen for this time around.
  12. Was autumn b4 Sandy. 2011? Oct or late Sept. 981 mb in NWOH iirc
  13. Yeah, check out S Lk Mich - surf's up! Apparently the 3km is the new over-amped NAM model for eye candy
  14. Would be nice to finally see my first legit flakes flying. Last night's system got more amped last-minute, so the trend could be our friend over the weekend as well.
  15. For sure you and I are dealing with climo since snow across most of SMI in the first half of Nov is pretty darn rare outside of the LES belts. As for synoptic snow chances, it's not only about getting the systems to track south, but having cold enough air to get frozen stuff. That take a lot when avg highs are 50-ish. But, the shifting south has already begun with this weekend's system as most models originally had this going across the Straights. Now, it looks to be quite a bit south of that, closer to what could be the prime track for the winter months. Regardless if we see much snow the rest of the month (2013 gave mby only 1.1"), the overall pattern re-alignment underway in the next week should get enough cold air in place for our chances to ramp up heading into December. This very compressed chilly autumn's days are numbered.
  16. Yep, wants to go from next to zero snow cover across the CONUS straight to Feb 1899 snowstorm to the Gulf coast..really GFS??
  17. Yeah, noticed suddenly the 3 globals at 12z have it getting into the 970's east in ONT. One raw raw Saturday eve/night verbatim, regardless.
  18. Mid-winter, that would make for some headlines. Just a fallen leaf-soaker right now tho. Too cold for severe peeps, too warm for frozen peeps
  19. Had a brief period of ice falling with the rain during heavier returns about 2:30 and yeah, a few went down my shirt. #rawisright
  20. I did the same, and agree with the bolded - was actually a great day with little wind and my grass didn't need cutting, finally!
  21. Grew up skiing there. Can't imagine them opening almost 2 weeks before Turkey Day. That's impressive! What if they also scored their latest closing in the same season? Lol
  22. And apparently a much drier air mass, as the result here was 1/34 of the 11-12-13 event, LOL. Still, slippery driving and enough white to say Hello winter! even at the lakeshore this year. I'll run with it as a positive sign.
  23. I wouldn't use both of those in the same sentence when it comes to their winter headlines, but to your point, I've noticed that the occasional SWS has been issued to cover some of these situations (moreso DTX)
  24. GRR has a snowfall map with ~1-3" amts in northern Berrien. Last winter due to the warmth of the water the immediate shoreline could not score more than graupel pellets until the very tail-end of the Dec cold/snowy spell, so I'm not holding my breath on this 1st chance of LES. I am watching tho to see how this does and whether it means a new season gives a much better result. Not expecting much, so if this over-performs I'll take it as a good sign going forward
  25. As I commute back and forth on 94 that's my exact M.O. for low visibility conditions! As a matter of fact, I was west-bound near BC as that very squall was about to cause the fatal pile-up. When I looked ahead, I immediately took the next exit. Only later did I hear of the massive wreckage. I wasn't shocked as I've come to understand staying on that highway in those conditions is literally rolling the dice with the safety of one's life and limb