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  1. 12z GEFS have tightened up on storm track. North of Ukie, south of op GFS.
  2. We are a lacrosse program. We've played in snow, sleet, 34 degree rain, 90 degree sun, and everything in between. We also do summer lacrosse and have had 100+ degree days. I have everything from snow shovels and boots to a portable misting system at the ready.
  3. True. In relation to the overall winter it may not be much better, but in relation to typical March..... As someone who runs a spring youth sports organization and is hoping for outside field availability.....
  4. I don't think it's going to kill an early spring based on the fact this has been a muted winter overall, but I hope it does diminish severe season.
  5. Eh, what's 400 miles when dealing with the northern extent of precipitation? lol
  6. Even the HRRR is moving up and down.
  7. Snow plume mean up a little bit at ORD. QPF and rain up slightly too.
  8. Gotta draw a snow map too to really go all out.
  9. 18z NAM came in favorable for DTX and GRR. Hot mess for LOT.
  10. Lakeshore will be flooded, so no accumulations.
  11. Some watch areas just dropped to Advisory. edit: sniped