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The event of the season - 2 days of hell!

Go Kart Mozart

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KBDL 150400Z AUTO 31521KT 99SM M18/M28 RMK SLP075 T11761275 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 150500Z AUTO 29316KT 99SM M19/M26 RMK SLP081 T11921259 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 150600Z AUTO 29317KT 1SM M20/M24 RMK SLP085 T11981242 52016 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 150700Z AUTO 29319KT 99SM M21/M30 RMK SLP098 T12141303 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 150800Z AUTO 29325KT 99SM M23/M28 RMK SLP105 T12311281 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 150900Z AUTO 29324KT 99SM M24/M30 RMK SLP125 T12421298 52030 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 151000Z AUTO 29323KT 99SM M25/M30 RMK SLP142 T12481303 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 151100Z AUTO 31517KT 99SM M26/M32 RMK SLP151 T12591320 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 151200Z AUTO 31512KT 99SM M26/M31 RMK SLP166 T12641309 52048 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 151300Z AUTO 31510KT 99SM M26/M32 RMK SLP176 T12641325 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 151400Z AUTO 31517KT 99SM M25/M31 RMK SLP183 T12531314 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 151500Z AUTO 36015KT 99SM M24/M35 RMK SLP190 T12371348 52028 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 151600Z AUTO 31518KT 99SM M23/M36 RMK SLP196 T12261359 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 151700Z AUTO 31515KT 99SM M23/M34 RMK SLP200 T12311342 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 151800Z AUTO 31524KT 99SM M22/M31 RMK SLP200 T12201314 52010 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 151900Z AUTO 36016KT 99SM M21/M30 RMK SLP203 T12091298 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 152000Z AUTO 31521KT 99SM M21/M31 RMK SLP207 T12091309 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 152100Z AUTO 33806KT 99SM M20/M29 RMK SLP224 T12031292 52028 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 152200Z AUTO 33813KT 99SM M21/M31 RMK SLP227 T12141314 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 152300Z AUTO 31507KT 99SM M21/M29 RMK SLP240 T12141292 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 160000Z AUTO 31503KT 99SM M21/M29 RMK SLP254 T12141292 52044 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 160100Z AUTO 27003KT 99SM M21/M29 RMK SLP257 T12091287 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 160200Z AUTO 22504KT 99SM M25/M32 RMK SLP261 T12481320 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 160300Z AUTO 22504KT 99SM M23/M29 RMK SLP268 T12311292 52014 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 160400Z AUTO 20303KT 99SM M25/M34 RMK SLP268 T12531337 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 160500Z AUTO 22503KT 99SM M26/M34 RMK SLP274 T12591342 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 160600Z AUTO 27002KT 99SM M26/M32 RMK SLP274 T12591320 51010 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 160700Z AUTO 22505KT 99SM M26/M30 RMK SLP278 T12591303 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 160800Z AUTO 22502KT 99SM M26/M30 RMK SLP284 T12591303 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 160900Z AUTO 22502KT 99SM M27/M31 RMK SLP288 T12701314 52012 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 161000Z AUTO 13502KT 6SM M26/M32 RMK SLP298 T12641325 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 161100Z AUTO 27003KT 6SM M28/M34 RMK SLP301 T12751342 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 161200Z AUTO 24803KT 6SM M28/M37 RMK SLP308 T12751370 52024 IEM_DS3505
KBDL 161300Z AUTO 06801KT 3SM M23/M28 RMK SLP312 T12311281 IEM_DS3505

I was just looking at the hourlies for BDL in 1943 and I think their official high of 0F maybe should have been -3F. It looks like they took the early 4z temp as the high instead of the 5z. I think we were on war time back then which was essentially a year round DST. So 4z would have been our local midnight, but not officially our standard 5z midnight.

Either way...lots of yore in these obs.



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11 minutes ago, SnoSki14 said:

Is that when temperatures get low enough to become dangerous and cause real problems?

-35 is well into dangerous/causing problems territory....really you start seeing some car problems around -20F in my experience and it really ramps up colder than that. Of course, many people who live in rad pits in NNE will have batteries and other features that might add to the tolerance, but even those are gonna be tested by the time you get to -25 or -30F.

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1 hour ago, tunafish said:

It's going to be a humanitarian crisis here in PWM Friday night/Saturday.  A lot of people are going to die in their sleep.

There are a number of compounding factors that have led to hundreds of unhoused spending nights outside this winter - new shelter opening delayed until March; covid & migrant funding for hotels to put these people up just ended in December.  Simply not enough bed space and so you have hundreds of people living in makeshift camps - woefully unprepared to endure a night like this.

You're absolutely right. And as you know, there's been a recent spate of unhoused deaths due to suspected foul play. Portland, like a lot of cities, has a real challenge on its hands - and a stretch like this will be very dangerous. I'd imagine that they're planning and mobilizing now.

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24 minutes ago, mahk_webstah said:

-25 would require the windo to die off so I hope it doesn’t.  I’ve had 20 below both in Webster and Boscawen.

I had -20 two nights in a row in my old place, a good rad spot. Experienced -35 at the Mt Washington Hotel one valentine's day weekend. That cold hurt and did funny things with the coat I was wearing.

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Just now, Go Kart Mozart said:

What about the warm, wet soil?  Won't there be latent heat release as that tries to freeze?

The top soil is mostly going to freeze in the few days prior to the real cold shot. It’s actually mid-winter climo cold this week after today and before the cold shot. 

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