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  1. ariof

    January 2019 Discussion II

    Wawa special. Would be all snow there verbatim.
  2. ariof

    December Discussion

    It looked like it might shift south and then … nope! 84 hours out and 500 mi model spread.
  3. ariof

    December Discussion

    I'll be interested to see where the CMC goes. At 00Z 96h the Euro had a low over Tupelo. The GFS was a bit west of Huntsville. The Canadian had the low over Gary.
  4. ariof

    11/27 - Everything and the Kitchen Sink Obs

    I'd have to assume so given the traffic conditions showing on Route 9 above about 1000'.
  5. I drove across Nebraska in a blizzard once. 30 mph for 6 hours, no plows, lots of cars in ditches. Can't remember how windy it was but it certainly wasn't calm.
  6. 6:53s get you a three-even. I did not have to look that up. (I get five minutes next year. 7:13s vs 6:53s is a HUGE difference.)
  7. So now the question is: are the going to have to go out and salt the roads before the start of the marathon? Or will #SunAngle win out. That's just insanely cold.
  8. There's a lot of data that shows that http://www.baa.org/news-and-press/news-listing/2017/september/2018-boston-marathon-qualifier-acceptances.aspx do not follow age-adjusted finishing times, but like most things in Boston they've always done it that way and whatever they say goes. I've been mostly teetotaling for a few weeks; I am a little excited about the first beer after the race.
  9. Uhm Boston 2015, 45˚, headwind, rain. 3:00:07, 3000th overall Boston 2016, 70˚, headwind, sunny. 3:03:05, 1800th overall I just don't think this is true. Also, data. I for one am excited about it not being 70˚ on Monday. (Sorry this is getting banter-y. the EC looks downright frigid.)
  10. 3:05 for men under 35. Minus a few minutes since it fills up. So 3:00 or so. 30 minutes more for women. 5-15 minutes added every 5 years you go up from age 35 …
  11. Ha! Nope. 37 and rain is far preferable to even 70 for most runners. You can layer for cold. You can't unlayer for heat. If the NAM verifies and it's 42˚ and barely raining it will be downright nice. 2015 was a much better year for running (44, rain, headwind) than 2016 or 2017. Tuesday would be far better (50, cloudy, tailwind) but beggars can't be choosers.
  12. Good luck with all … that. That won't fly. They just haven't canceled it yet. Maybe a late train to NYC if they're running tomorrow, and a flight to DTW from there?
  13. Start driving now. Or call the airline. DL is actually flying extra sections out tonight to get the planes out (UA and AA seem to just be canceling afternoon inbounds tonight). You would probably have to overnight in at DTW, the airline might help out if you can convince the you then won't be screwing things up on Wednesday. (There will be nothing on the ground at Logan tonight, and nothing flying tomorrow at all. (The Jan 4 storm was similar: nothing flew.) Without any planes on the ground, you're banking on 1337, the 9 a.m. flight, to be a) not canceled, 2) on time and c) not so full that you can't get on or you're dealing with IDBs. If you're ticketed in 1337, you could take your chances. Otherwise, be prepared to wait a day or try to get out tonight. (a, 2, c because b+) kept giving me a smiley)
  14. I would assume the early slate of flights will all be canceled. I don't see anything coming in to BOS tomorrow, and they airlines are canceling anything coming in to BOS this evening (i.e. nothing in from Chicago after 5). So Wednesday the rwys might be clear with vfr, but there won't be any equipment until later in the morning at earliest.