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  1. I'm old enough to remember when the HRRR was giving BOS 2" and a changeover.
  2. That band of returns in the Berkshires looks fun. The sleet band pushing up through PVD looks like fun if it can make it to BOS before the warm air. Viz here still >0.1 mi (the furthest I can see from my window, and I have seen that building disappear once or twice).
  3. I noticed this too. The optimist says these models, and the GFS maybe even, is on to something. The pessimist realizes how little I know about this and that I'm wishcasting.
  4. No matter the ptype this kind of qpf put a bit more of a dent in the ongoing drought. Should be good for the Quabbin.
  5. You mean you don't see a single run of the Euro from two or three days ago?
  6. It will be interesting to see what schools/businesses do for closures on Tuesday. A few got burned by closing for the Monday slushfest a few weeks ago when the roads were wet by the morning commute. Luckily I don't see a Dec '07 redux (or even Dec '13, which was sort of a mini-version but way under-modeled) with everyone going to work and then an "oh eff it's really coming down now" and everyone flooding the roads just as the NAM drops 5" of snow in an hour, and then people spend hours on the road to go a couple of miles. This one isn't being under-hyped, though. As to whether it's under-modeled, well, some weenies might even be happy if it were.
  7. Picked up here now, solid SN. Nice C&I dendrites with no wind. Coating roads pretty quickly. Hopefully a nice precursor to Tues.
  8. Right on the border in Cambridge. -SN looks like it might transition to a little IVT SN for a few minutes. Snowing about as hard as it has been all day. Which is not very hard.
  9. Good lord guys we're clocking in at 150 posts per hour. I think it might be time for a thread.
  10. Hot damn the Kuchera crack from PivotalWeather: 1' DC and BOS, 2' PHL-NYC-ORH-BDL-PWM and back to ALB, 3' along much of this line, 56" for MWN. Only SEMA weenies would be complaining, really. Shift that about 20 miles east, please.
  11. I was biking around snowbanks to middle school by the next week. 75 on the 7th took care of the last of the snow. Departures for that month at KBOS were: -8, -4, 1, 5, 0 3, 16, -4, -15, -10 Hard to call it a torch in April when it's in the 70s and the record (at the time) was 86 (now 90). (And if that 16, -4, -15 departures looks crazy, so far this month we're looking at 22, 10, -7, -20, and yes, we should set a high max and low max in the course of four days.)
  12. Time to start a thread for Monday? Or wait for the rest of the 18Z or 00Z suites?
  13. I mean, I'd go with Arthur, but at that point we're arguing semantics.
  14. 1014-982 from 234-252. It's Bombogenesis baby! Over the benchmark, a bit progressive but still painting 1.5-2" QPF over EMA. Could rival 2013/2015 storms for accumulations with a decent ratio. Given this winter, it will probably be 45 and raining.
  15. Would at least do some work on the drought (because we're still in a drought, right?).