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The event of the season - 2 days of hell!

Go Kart Mozart

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Should be fun in Quebec this weekend for the winter carnival, if I ever go I'd like to hit a cold snap like we're going to have. A friend of mine went one year with below zero weather, he said they wore ski pants while outside.
Yup. I forget the year it was when I went up there. It was below zero every day. Bundle up and it was fine. Drink plenty of caribou.

I remember watching the car temp drop as we heard north. Gassing up at the border at -27 was definitely an education. Swimming at the hotel's outdoor heated pool was fun at -15. Hair would freeze if above water for more than 2 minutes.

Thought I had a pic, but this is the best I could find...a10da1cae08dc3837fd7dc28fcec1382.jpg

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My gut is that Fri night cold is being overplayed (wind chills will still be brutal, talking strictly air temp). CAA mixing should keep things from challenging records. Sat seems to be trending a bit colder as the core of the cold is delayed by a few hours. MEX is now single digits at PWM for a high, which hasn't been done in 5 years. Then Sat night I think has the potential to be the coldest for some places. High hasn't totally left town yet and that inversion is going to allow temps to drop from a pretty low launching pad as is. Might be -20 at HIE/BML before midnight.

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12 minutes ago, TauntonBlizzard2013 said:

Looking forward to verification.

I’m looking forward to 12z . Maybe Play the seasonal trend of cold under performing . People will whine as they don’t like anything negative to be said about the winter events they wait 3 seasons for .

We know it’s gonna be cold . The thread is to talk about numbers , wind chills, effects  trends , Etc. it would make a difference regarding weather with respect to records being broke or not . 

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