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January 25, 2023 Front End Frozen Chance


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1 hour ago, TSSN+ said:

Literally been like the F you Maryland south winter so far. If only this could trend 50-75 miles SE. But it won’t. 


Haven't had anything in northern NJ either, outside the far NW hills. Zippo. Actually it's been 2 years of futility locally. So I/we commiserate. 

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FAR better CAD signature there with snow into VA, instead of in SW PA. NAM alone on an island is suspect. NAM / Euro combo? Perhaps they are catching onto something. Gotta think it turns wet fair quickly with a low tracking that far west, but I’d gladly take a solid 2-3”+ inch front end thump. 0.25 - 0.4” of QPF falling as snow within a couple hour window in NW zones as depicted here would be fun to watch unfold.

Euro at 60ish hours is right in its wheelhouse. If 12z & 00z tomorrow shows something similar and other models trend this way, then color me interested. Could just as easily be a hiccup run too. Watch the 6Z NAM paint something similar 6z seems to be when NAM spits out wild solutions.
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19 minutes ago, WinterWxLuvr said:



I would take the 2" the CMC or 3" the GFS or the 3-4" the Euro is showing in western Augusta County in a heartbeat!  Interested to see what the 12Z suite shows, especially the Euro and NAMs.  It is a super sharp gradient so every little bit of CAD will make a big difference for some.

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