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  1. I guarantee you that the GEFS show more than a dusting that will never verify, which is why I'd like to see them without that error to begin with.
  2. That includes tonight/tomorrow, correct? If it does, can you post that map through 72 hours so we can appreciate what snowfall is really being advertised in the long range.
  3. You have no idea how happy I was to see the Rgem and Gfs cut back on their snowfall totals because of the rain. I was talking to myself I was so giddy! Really though, I'm not sure we really need that much of an adjustment for the long shot to become a 2' putt. And if we get to see more model runs showing rain for ny and box, our consolation prize has been received. Lol
  4. Straight out of the weenie handbook. Can't tell you what page number it's on because that page was one of the group ripped out in disgust last March when the proposition was last suggested.
  5. I need an easier hobby...one over which I have more control, like changing the laws of gravity or fixing the earth's axis of rotation so we can have year round winter weather as good as this year.
  6. Or it might allow a second storm to develop and hit us. Pure weenie right there my friend. Lol
  7. I learned to hate Nina's in the early 70's....along with tie-dye shirts and Peter Max designs.
  8. And that's always the problem with our location. Just a little too far south most of the time, just a little too far north some of time, and in just the right spot rarely.
  9. They need to change the acronym of the NAM to NMA for "No Mid Atlantic. "
  10. 0z Nam still raising heights this run vs. prior runs. Don't know what, if any, changes there will be to come.
  11. Bob never guaranteed an overrunning snow event. He said that if he was over running the models, we'd get snow.
  12. The over valued argument has been around for a couple years. It is a momentum market, that I'll concede. The only way to play it is by placing your finger next to the sell button and don't worry about missing the absolute top when you sell.
  13. I think research has found for years that most people still vote their pocketbooks.
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