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Winter 2022/23 Banter Hangout

Chicago Storm

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4 hours ago, Chambana said:

Mid to upper 40s, wall to wall clouds, throw in some rain. That’s my next 9 days. Not a single day with sunshine. 

Well on our way to another clunker December. The trend is your friend. 

Yep.  It's pretty dull for the foreseeable future.  I cannot remember when I had a good winter.  

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I found a youtube channel that is putting out quality content on past severe events and tornadoes with synoptic maps and layman explanations. I've seen 3 videos so far and I'm really impressed, its growing very fast as it should. I've been looking for a channel like that for a decade with all missing the mark. I could probably watch every video put out which is exceptionally rare for even my favorite channels. Those classic events we know much on I'm learning stuff. Well-rounded and entertaining too.


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17 minutes ago, Chicago Storm said:

where's cromartie?

need an update on the torch incoming heading into the christmas period.

Probably digging out the heat lamps. Yeah, I know it's a temp map from from an op run at 312 that I could 30 get dayed for posting, but figured a little emphasis wouldn't hurt.


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