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  1. March 23-24 Winter Storm

    I'm in for about 8" here in SE Indiana if this verifies. Of course temps could hold down accumulations.
  2. March 20-21 Potential Snow Event

    Got around 6" in Jennings County. About 2" left now..
  3. March 20-21 Potential Snow Event

    3" already in Louisville. Been snowing 3 hours now here in Jennings county but just now starting to stick..
  4. March 20-21 Potential Snow Event

    WINTER STORM WARNING issued for parts of eastern and southern Indiana..
  5. March 20-21 Potential Snow Event

    Got me in the 9" range, that's why! : ). Where are you?
  6. January 31st - February 2nd Possible Winter Storm

    18z GFS no big changes except Cincy gets about an inch from weak Monday system..
  7. 40th Anniversary of Blizzard of 1978

    Cincy had 58" of snow that winter; an all time high..
  8. 40th Anniversary of Blizzard of 1978

    I was living btween Cincy and Dayton. Only about 7" of snow there but wind shift was awesome and howled for 3 days!
  9. January 11-13 Winter Storm

    What happened? System overload or did everyone just give up? 12z GFS worst yet..
  10. January 11-13 Winter Storm

    Well, the GFS just took me from 12" to 2". GN...going to bed. Winter's over...zzz
  11. January 11-13 Winter Storm

    I received 26" from that 2 part monster. 1 foot from post frontal precip. and the rest from a low moving up from Texas. All gone in one week..lol.
  12. January 11-13 Winter Storm

    Being 70 miles due west of Cincinnati in S-S-E Indiana, I appear to be on the razor's edge, so to speak..
  13. December 24-25 Snow Potential

    Managed 1.5" down here in SSE Indiana. Still flurrying. ( My first post of the season, btw ).
  14. March 10-15 Multi Wave Setup

    What's the latest Euro showing for the Monday-Tuesday system? Anyone?
  15. March 10-15 Multi Wave Setup

    The NAM is the NAM. 00z GFS is still way south..