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  1. What does the precip type/ shield look like on this UKMET?
  2. Why is this on the winter thread? .
  3. this gonna become an annual thing now? Every March- May everything shuts down?
  4. Don't look now but 00z GFS has a couple inches of snow for much of Indiana and Ohio on the 15th. It'll probably be gone by tomorrow though..
  5. A tiniest of tiny toy poodles down here.... 1/2"
  6. Nope! Need more bleeding! The O.V. still gets by 20 miles!
  7. Well, down here in Jennings Co., Rain and 34° as expected. Looks to end by midnight. Ho hum...
  8. So's the southern side. It's got Indy at 7" now and even Cincy at 1 .9" . Cincy had nothing before..
  9. wealth down here. Poverty..