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  1. At least 2" here in Jennings Co. Still coming down. .
  2. Bufkit has snow further SE. Has Muncie with 7" not 1 .8" . Indy with 6" .. 0z GfS
  3. My aunt's house was destroyed in this one but she survived. I saw a different one near Cincinnati on that day from a distance of 1-2 miles... Awesome...
  4. Even way down here I saw a foot tall hunk of black snow today in Walmart parking
  5. Snow completely gone now here in SE Indiana except for some dirty piles in parking lots. Had around 20" here in past 3 weeks. .
  6. Snowing steadily now. About 2 new inches. Foot on ground. Looks like about 3-4 hours left..
  7. Snowing now for the past 2 hours. Maybe a new inch..
  8. 65 miles west of Cincy and still not a flake..
  9. 60 miles west of Cincy we got around 7" on top of the 5" left over from last storm. .
  10. Getting buried here about 60 miles west of Cincy. 1-2" per hour it looks like. ..No ice is nice!
  11. Would if I could! Gonna take a while to dig our cars out!
  12. Cincy with only 5.4" now? I thought they were in the bullseye! I just heard on WLW 700 8-12" !
  13. I'm surprised more people aren't posting on here with one and possibly two big storms bearing down on us. It will be epic if the second one is mostly snow and not rain. Welcome back, Buckeye!
  14. It's because the southern part of the forum will get hit the hardest..
  15. Yessir. Just hope it doesn't end up as freezing rain!
  16. 12z GFS had OV getting 16" from the two storms next week. Believe that when I see it.
  17. At least 2" of new snow down here. Still coming down. . 22" for season. .
  18. I hope this is wrong! ^ Has low right on top of me...!
  19. I got 7.5" last night but it was a wet snow. .
  20. Hey! I grew up just north of Cincy and know all about the legendary misses. I like your pic of legendary Tony Sands! He was a snow nemesis. He seemed to hate snow!