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  1. Changed to snow in Greenville Ohio
  2. This what I hold on to when the bigger storms are a little wonky.
  3. This is exactly how I feel.
  4. Man, seeing these pictures, sure makes it hard to be at work.
  5. DULL ROAD DAMAGE. TREES UPROOTED. ROOFS OFF OF STRUCTURES. TIME ESTIMATED. POSSIBLE TORNADO. I live only 2 miles from that damage site. JasonOH, and others, thank you for that information. I was stuck at work.
  6. Were you chasing? What if anything did you witness?
  7. I always look forward to this thread in the fall. Each and every year I learn more, and enjoy reading all the detailed thoughts from those who devote a lot of time (personal and professional) to this. But now I'm on to severe weather and the knowledge I can glean from that thread.
  8. This is the first year were I'm ready for it to be warm early.