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  1. Svrwx

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    This is exactly how I feel.
  2. Svrwx

    And we begin

    I love this.
  3. Man, seeing these pictures, sure makes it hard to be at work.
  4. Svrwx

    March 15/16 Severe Wx

    DULL ROAD DAMAGE. TREES UPROOTED. ROOFS OFF OF STRUCTURES. TIME ESTIMATED. POSSIBLE TORNADO. I live only 2 miles from that damage site. JasonOH, and others, thank you for that information. I was stuck at work.
  5. Svrwx

    March 15/16 Severe Wx

    Were you chasing? What if anything did you witness?
  6. Svrwx

    Let's Talk Winter

    I always look forward to this thread in the fall. Each and every year I learn more, and enjoy reading all the detailed thoughts from those who devote a lot of time (personal and professional) to this. But now I'm on to severe weather and the knowledge I can glean from that thread.
  7. This is the first year were I'm ready for it to be warm early.
  8. Svrwx

    July 11-14 Severe Weather Event

    I find it best to just sit on the sideline and see who has been the most accurate. I put more weight into what they say. I don't have enough courage to put down what I believe will happen. Even though I look at all the models and text information I can. It is nice to see others that do. If you just put what you believe and not take anything to heart, you will fit in. The Mets, and Mods do an outstanding job here. Stick around, it really is a great board.
  9. Svrwx

    Let's talk Winter!

    I now have my fellow coworker looking at me, trying to figure out why I was laughing. If you don't follow weather they don't really see the humor.
  10. Svrwx

    Let's talk Winter!

    I don't post much, but I do enjoy reading what you do. Thank You.