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  1. Rochelle an easy run. 40 minutes out. Would love to keep wheels east of the Rock River today.
  2. Wow. Let's pull that much liquid equivalent, along with good cold in place, come December.
  3. It was a wintry but invigorating run through the snowscape in the cold and fog this morning. The snow cover melted off quickly once the fog burned off late morning. The grass seemed greener with the new moisture and sun. A few piles where we shoveled the walk yesterday remained this evening. The rain should take of them overnight.
  4. Grass just about covered. Slushy layer on paved surfaces. IDOT plows out, but the municipal trucks stayed in.
  5. Dumping now. Accumulation underway.
  6. Precip started as snow about thirty minutes ago. Very light so far.
  7. How similar is this setup to 4/14/19? That was a daytime event that laid it down just right.
  8. 180 miles on the sleds today. Freezing rain has been plentiful but mostly not a challenge, just a bit unusual to have ice on gear and the machines. Most of the trails were great. Freezing rain continues and starting to look wild outside here in Munising. We met someone who had been driving through it from Duluth with some pretty impressive accretion on the car!
  9. Temp down 2 degrees in the last hour. 30 and zr. Small icicles abound on the elevateds. Roads hanging tough and just wet.
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