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  1. Nice band rolled through RealWoodstock and dropped a solid inch. Definitely went further south than MKX saw it playing out, as at one point today they had WWA's and were calling for the band to hammer 2-3" down 94 from MSN to MKE. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  2. Walworth County getting pummeled this morning as well. Field, ditch and wetland flooding was prolific. There were channels through the corn fields where stalks were battered to the ground from the rushing water like you see after a high wind event. That was something new for me.
  3. Sirens in Woodstock.
  4. Sirens going off here in Woodstock. Tornado warning to our northwest. Vivid lightning just outside town to west illuminating quite a bit of scud.
  5. Right. A couple of timbers were all the way onto the road.
  6. She was quite the beast. These from between Darien and Janesville on Rt. 14.
  7. Looks a little messy down there?
  8. Going for it. Aiming to meet around Clinton, WI.
  9. Had a few waves of pea size roll through.
  10. Drove through about ten minutes of snow near Slinger, WI early this afternoon. Been driving most of the day in rain with flakes trying to mix in. Now in view of the peaks at Alpine Valley with melted flakes barely making it down, mixed with steady rain. Truck temp at 37.
  11. Just to mess around with accumulation potential, here is a pic from this past Thursday's sneak attack on southern tier Wisconsin counties. Plows were out. This in Lake Geneva. Definitely started with nothing.
  12. Definitely looking rich over there. City plow dispatch caught with their pants down. Just lining the trucks up to load with salt now.
  13. Coming down fat, hot and heavy in waves over the past hour or so. Roads have a nice plaster on them. Great little northern tier event once more. Edit: If the band down south of RFD to Iowa locks in a sw to ne trajectory and runs true, we could hit 3"+. Subtle death band sneak attack.
  14. Although precip type issues still might creep into the picture for parts of Chicago, it has looked more likely as we get closer to the event that surface temps will stay below freezing except for maybe far south suburban areas. Toeing a fine line there but I like how things are panning out on that side of the coin. Also, we could use some Midwest Chaser up in here again.
  15. Ice fishing on Monona Bay in Madison yesterday. The two biggies in town are still wide open.