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11 hours ago, mreaves said:

How much rain has there been in your area?  I have an event in Fremont this weekend and I’m hoping it’s not going to be a mud pit. 

not a ton. i've got around 1/4" this week 20 miles west of there

7 minutes ago, CoastalWx said:

I declare  stein dead.

3 " june, 3" july, 4 1/2" august, 6" Sept. there was no stein here. dry at times-sure. drought? no f-in way 

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38 minutes ago, tunafish said:

BN since April but, as you said, absolutely fine this summer.  (7/1 map includes a very dry July.)






I'm one color drier than shown on those maps.  4/1 thru 10/5 we're at 85% of avg.  7/1 thru 10/5, 95%.  However, Sept had 130% of avg (and none yet for Oct).

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Meh … drought in this area of the continental North America comes with an entirely different climate-base suggested connotation than it does in places like California ir the inter-mountain west or even in the interior southeast… We’ve been over this a million times but, we get dry episodes and it’s just something to occupy peoples time - I guess - while in wait for the preferred fanfare of winter to return.  Yawner.

that cold front coming tomorrow evening it’s gonna be a nasty whiplash… A behavior that is sort of in itself a hallmark that we are already change seasons because that is something that usually happens in winter. It may not show up in the sky or the trees or the air but I’m talking about the way the weather is actually behaving. Bit of a conceptual/spatial kind of take on matters but when you go from 70 to 75° to 49 … that steep of a corrections is impressive 

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