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November Banter 2021

George BM

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4 hours ago, nw baltimore wx said:

It wasn’t pretty, but never apologize for a win. 8-3 is amazing considering what this team looked like at the end of preseason.

Agreed. At some point the Offense needs to get more efficient though. Last 3 games have been ugly. Still not a Roman fan. I hope this isn't as 'good' as it gets for the O-line. 

Almost afraid to say it, but the defense might finally be rounding into shape at the right time.

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12 minutes ago, mappy said:

there are worst cover bands to be stuck with. and in a bar no less. 

I was gonna say. An oasis band on any as bad as Smashmouth or Ace of Base or Right Said Fred. 

If I had to hear “The Sign” over and over I’d pour 151 rum on myself and light a match

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1 hour ago, North Balti Zen said:

I have a moving truck for Dec. 8 so ixnay on the snow-ay for that period, thanks.

Snow in igpa atinla sia nowsa    At least that's how we did it in Ohio igpa atinla.  e.g. Take the first letter, put it at the end, and add an "a".  Spoke it fluently w/o even thinking much when a youngster.  Even taught some German friends Ermanga igpa atinla.  It twas far easier to speak fluently after several rounds of good Pils...   

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WOW it is 25/22 in Woodbridge, Virginia right now! That's outright JANUARY weather! In late November!

The winter will remember November, and it will be ridiculously frigid! Snow will hang around the Washington DC Region for months on end!

Don't take my word for it. Just stock up! Get a snowmobile. Better yet, get TWO snowmobiles! Get a pair of top shelf snowblowers, and plenty of Jebman Shovels! Get Ice Melter! You're gonna need it! Get those boots climbers wear on Mount Everest! There's gonna be that much ice, and even MORE snow!

You guys are going to get annihilated, pummeled like Clubberlang by Rocky in Rocky III, destroyed, shellacked, buried fookin alive by immense amounts of frigid, Vodka Cold, wind-driven snow this winter all over the Mid Atlantic Region!

WxRisk is gonna be WOOFIN' and WOOFIN' and Bob is gonna be posting a thousand HUGE Faces right in the model discussion threads! This is going to be a snow winter well remembered by many, for years and years and years!

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6 hours ago, Chris78 said:

That was a bs review at the end. Don't think it was enough evidence to overturn since it was called a td. 

Looked like Logan Thomas had his wrist under the ball

it bobbled when he caught it. ball hit the ground

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