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  1. You may want to see your doctor about that.
  2. The return on investment of this 100+ page thread reminds me of my Blockbuster stock investment.
  3. This one works fairly well: Radar Data – Maryland Weather (marylandwx.com)
  4. First flakes finally have arrived
  5. Love all of the snow pics. Had much more modest results with 3 “ in Western Howard County. A friend of mine sent me this current pic from Westminster. What a cutoff this storm had.
  6. Mark Turgeon out/Danny Manning in.
  7. Ravens—-razor’s edge 7-3 team.
  8. Even with the Dolphins’ performance against the Ravens, they are still the 6th worst defense in the league. The Dolphins’ defense looked that good because the Ravens were that bad (slow/uninspired/bewildered).
  9. I didn’t realize that the Dolphins had the best defense of all time.
  10. Slept through a great Ravens’ comeback?
  11. I had a flood damage situation in the big Ellicott City flood in 2016. My car was parked in a restaurant parking lot. Water rushed in and covered the car up to hood level. The car wound up being totaled by the insurance company due to electrical damage. The insurance company paid out without any issues. Hopefully, your car will dry out and operate without issues. Otherwise, insurance should cover the damage.
  12. Operation “Save the Cicadas” on the lake at Piney Run Park.
  13. Pikesville getting raked with hail, torrential rain, and swirling winds
  14. J&J vaccine on hold for several days as CDC/FDA reviews potential serious blood clotting issue. No one to receive this vaccine for the time being.
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