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  1. DCA: 11/29 BWI: 11/04 IAD: 11/03 RIC: 11/30 Tiebreaker: Number of days with a minimum temperature below 40F at BWI in October: 3 MDstorm
  2. What about the 53 page Irma-MA thread?
  3. Euro is about as big of a fail here as you can get. No real effects from either storm. MDstorm
  4. With Jose eventually out of the way/dissipated per Euro, Maria makes landfall near NC/SC border.
  5. Euro much further west with Jose. Actually brings rain/wind to DE/Eastern NJ and NY/SNE. Around here, Jose is still too far east for any effect except for a little rain/wind on Eastern shore/beaches. Euro then stalls Jose south of LI and then retrogrades southwest----weakening all of the way. Jose then dissipates before making landfall. High pressure then builds back in setting the stage for Maria (no more Fujiwara on the Euro). MDstorm
  6. 0Z Euro-------Jose is wide right again. No real effect here. Closer call to the NE. However incoming at day 10 from ? Lee. That's the one to watch IMO. MDstorm
  7. Euro OTS for the mid-atlantic as it fringes Cape Cod on its way off to the North east. But, then the Euro puts the brakes on Jose and retrogrades it southwest back towards the east coast and "landfalls" in southern NJ/DE. Of course, by then, Jose is a shell of his former self with surface pressures rivaling weak high pressure systems. Entertaining track, nonetheless.
  8. Oh well. Ukie goes east.
  9. 12Z Ukie
  10. It took the Euro a little while to get on board with Irma. 10 days ago, here's where the Euro thought Irma would be right now.
  11. Latest Euro: Eye of Irma passes right over Key West and also over Tampa on its way through Western FL. MDstorm
  12. I hear what you are saying and feel the same way right now. However, I think that after seeing some of the visuals that will be flooding the internet over the next 5 days, you may not be so bummed. MDstorm
  13. Not much good to say about that GFS run. Seems to mirror that crappy EPS cluster. From this point on, would expect the Euro Op to lead the way home. MDstorm
  14. Looks a lot like the EPS left turn clustering group. That would be a zero event for up here.