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  1. Flizzard at work in Pikesville.
  2. Even for low risk people, colonoscopy is now recommended at age 45 (used to be 50). Very important test to get.
  3. It continues to rip pretty good here. Closing in on 2 inches. Oh.......by the way......suck it, GFS.
  4. I don't think that I can stand any more "windows of opportunity" this winter.
  5. That's great. It will be an hour earlier for you when you give the late night Euro pbp.
  6. The ice threat is slip-sliding away.....
  7. Time to call in a specialist for this threat.
  8. Sun is out in Pikesville. That is helping to dry out the wet pavement.
  9. It’s sad how far King Euro has fallen this winter.
  10. You may want to see your doctor about that.
  11. The return on investment of this 100+ page thread reminds me of my Blockbuster stock investment.
  12. This one works fairly well: Radar Data – Maryland Weather (marylandwx.com)
  13. First flakes finally have arrived
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