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  1. Are you sure that you are being paid enough for your new green tag job?
  2. KC showing The Ravens how you really take care of business (stay true to yourselves and do what you are good at). Bye, bye Titans
  3. I am starting to hate this particular kind of map.
  4. Deck officially covered. What an event!!
  5. I understand what you are saying and I agree that there should be further good seasons ahead. However, extra time off/injuries/overachievement during the regular season doesn’t really excuse the uninspired turd that The Ravens dropped last night. Andy Reid has his team under control.... Harbaugh, not so much.
  6. I hope that The Ravens are watching the KC/Houston game and see what a truly good team is supposed to do when down early.
  7. Although The Ravens lost, the stats are pretty amazing. The Ravens doubled up The Titans in terms of total yards, number of plays, and first downs. They also had a significant advantage in time of possession. It wasn’t like The Titans defense was stifling. The Ravens just forgot how to score points. Some poor coaching/play calls in critical situations, turnovers (thanks , Lamar), and the inability for Wink Martindale to come up with any answer to The Titans’ one dimensional offense killed The Ravens. A better prepared/coached and disciplined team like, The Chiefs (assuming they get past The Texans), could handle The Titans.
  8. This is where coaches really earn their money. Can the Ravens’ game plan be properly adjusted to counter what Tennessee has done during the first half? The Titan’s defense is not THAT good.
  9. Thanks for the great write-up. Very informative and you obviously invested a lot of time in this endeavor.
  10. Congrats, Ravens! Home field advantage for the playoffs!!
  11. The bust of early March 2001 was the ultimate killer for me. 1-2 feet of snow was widely forecasted within 36 hours of that "event". Then the phasing got screwed up and the storm busted bigly.
  12. By 10:00, the radar trends were obvious and the best of all busts was underway. That was a special night!
  13. All snow here. Surprisingly quick deck coverage
  14. But the storm after the storm is a real beauty.