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  1. Sounds like the bar scene for @ravensrule back in the day!
  2. Took these during, and just after, the severe thunderstorms that went through right around sunset. A couple are black and white.
  3. Thank you for the kind words! Glad you liked those! There are so many tulips I've seen around the Bethesda area, it's like I couldn't decide what to choose for taking photos!!!
  4. @mappy...TULIPS!!! (2nd one is in black/white)
  5. There won't be such a thing as "threads" in 21 years, as we currently know it! Well, other than the Panic Room, where the ageless Reaper @WxWatcher007 will still remain to guide us hapless souls, even well into his retirement by then!
  6. Thanks! It was interesting getting shots with the filter on because essentially everything but the sun was black (by design with a solar filter). Had to look up a bit on the flip-screen and zoom out to "find" the sun and then zoom in to the full 500mm on my lens and take the shots.
  7. Nope,no tracker or anything. I was outside through that time, about 2:00pm through 3:30pm and took many shots. Then yes, I post-processed them to get the same size image afterward and changed the white balance temp to make the sun a bit more yellow looking (through the filter it was almost white looking).
  8. Amazing shots from everyone here, those who were fortunate enough to be in the path of totality and those of us who were here locally in the DC metro area!!!
  9. I was just going to say...damn, dude, you got the diamond ring on that shot!!! Amazing!!
  10. Got many shots of the partial eclipse here in the DC metro area (about 87% or so coverage). Not as spectacular as totality but still neat to experience. It got pretty dim with this almost eerie light and definitely got cooler. I don't think the gif animation I made will fit here, so will attach two subsequent posts after this with a sort of series from some of them. Used my solar filter throughout, changed the white balance to 7500K to get a slight yellow tint to the sun, and cropped the images. In some of the earlier shots you can make out sunspots. I used a 500mm lens. (ETA: See below...actually managed to get them all into one post!)
  11. That's pretty amazing! On a slightly different note (related to Illinois), I also thought I heard that somewhere in Illinois, they have a cross-over of the 17 and 13 year periodical cicadas (I guess far enough south where both can exist?). And this year, BOTH broods will be emerging at the same time!
  12. @mappy...TULIPS coming soon!! Hope to get some nice photos and will post some here for you (and everyone) when I can! I've actually seen quite a few tulips coming out in the past couple of weeks.
  13. You know, this is probably the best attitude to be honest. Go where you can get to and deal with what ends up happening, no point in stressing out over it. I've never been in a position to have a bunch of possible locations and change that on a dime, myself. And, my trip to the Cleveland to see family there for the eclipse ended up being canceled anyhow. Partly due to logistical issues with the drive, plus the not-great-look that I saw showing up in the middle of last week. So I decided to just be OK staying here in the DC area with a partial coverage (~87%) and hopefully can get some nice shots of that at least. I hope you have a good time in Ohio, regardless of how things are! I'm biased having grown up there, but I like the place, it's my home! I'll get in a visit up that way another time this year, maybe can catch a Guardians' game while I'm at it.
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