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IDA remnants OBS-nowcasts (storm total rain and/or unusual flooding, wind damage-power outage, gusts ~45+ MPH) Wed-Thu morning Sept 1-2, 2021


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0.85” of rain in lindenhurst winds now gusting up to around 35 mph. On a side note, My dad just called and said as he was driving to work he had to turn around. Cars flooded to their roofs on the cross island while he was on the expressway. Had call in to work because it was too dangerous. He said people were wading in chest deep water using their phone lights to see…. On the expressway itself everyone was pulled over with their hazards on due to how heavy the rain was, and some of the smaller cars started to stall. He took a video of the flooding on the cross island, from the ramp to get onto it from the expressway. I’ll try to post it here if i get a chance.

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3 minutes ago, MJO812 said:

A precinct in Staten Island had 300 calls that came in. Majority were calls of their vehicles stuck in flooding.



Are you out on duty tonight in this? What have you seen? It’s bad out here on Island but for most part we escaped the bulk of it - though making up ground now 

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19 minutes ago, TriPol said:

How many issues did the subway have because of Sandy? Why are once in 1,000 year events happening almost every year?

R train tunnel between Manhattan and Brooklyn was closed for a loonggg time.  Lots of damage to the tunnels between Manhattan and Brooklyn/Queens.

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3 minutes ago, jm1220 said:

Heavy rain again here but looks like the worst is over outside of central/eastern Suffolk. Radar estimating I'm at 5" or so now. Maybe I can make it to 6".

still raining hard here, can you see what the estimates for rainfall are around here?  check from Oceanside west to Lynbrook and Valley Stream


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