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  1. Near Miami and 70, just now.
  2. Had to drive from NE Durham down to work right near RDU for a power outage related emergency (off Page rd). Do not recommend. Traffic lights were at least working all the way there, but rotten visibility. Back home now, flakes still falling but it sounds like rain in there too.
  4. 34.9 in slightly rural NE Durham. Hobbyist weather station.
  5. Hmm. In another thread I asked what time our hopes usually get crushed and you said “yesterday”. On topic: Durham county schools closed tomorrow per WRAL. Wake starts 3 hours late. Relurks
  6. It's been a while for me. When is the time it usually all falls apart for us? Is it the late night runs tonight?
  7. Yeah, but I know you know how the SE forum usually rolls with storms. And we’re in the crosshairs on this! Where’s brick? Where’s that mackerel guy who’s always hilariously sarcastic?
  8. There aren’t even many people viewing this thread. Got some theories, one is that people have disaster fatigue, another is that people are just stepping away from social media since everything has gone to shit online. Being a non-met lurker for years here, it was always my experience that not much discussion means not much weather impact was likely. But this does feel feel different. Maybe because of so many storms since 2016 (I.e. fatigue)? The last few hurricane seasons kind of blur together for me at this point. Even the usually lively SE subforum is getting minimal posts.
  9. thess


    Wake County schools closed tomorrow.
  10. Storm chaser I assume, since it’s a Periscope link.
  11. Totally depends on what type of people you feel more comfortable around. Which will lead me into regional and demographic stereotypes, and no good will come of that. I preferred the Escape out of Manhattan over the Breakaway out of NOLA in all aspects (ship, port, fellow passengers). But it seems like I got lucky and my commute from LGA to the port was pretty painless, so that helped.
  12. Also depends on your departure port. A cruise out of Manhattan (even on a mainstream line like NCL) gets you a different crowd than, say, NOLA. (And yes I’ve done both, recently.)
  13. When it gets this quiet I assume that the storm is pretty much over. (Non met lurker.) But this seems abnormally quiet, no post mortem or anything. Maybe people have storm fatigue, maybe they’ve peeled off to other sites, no idea. If this was a southeastern possible snowstorm, people would be screaming at each other and posting desperate low-tier models left and right.
  14. Yes, according to reddit, who in turn posted links to another chaser’s twitter who had spoken with him. Forgive me for not hunting it down. Had enough Reddit for one night.
  15. Seems to be this but with some tweaks?