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  1. Ha! Interesting point. During Irma's FL landfall I found myself hunting for a local Palm Beach County news affiliate (friends there riding out the storm) and ended up watching WPBF's live feed for quite a while. They were actually doing a really good job tracking tornado sightings, warnings, potential areas of concern, and giving very specific details. (Like, which intersection and what direction a given tornado had been sighted--this was when the east coast of Florida was getting the "bad" side of the storm.) They were really on their game, with relatively minimal hype. Although I suppose it stopped being helpful when everyone lost power.
  2. (Dumb tech nerd question: wouldn't it be desirable to make these instruments extremely rugged, like aircraft black boxes?)
  3. I'm actually on a cruise ship heading away from Hispaniola right now, which is kind of freaky because it means yesterday we were heading *towards* Maria (for Royal Caribbean's port on Haiti). Fortunately I didn't tell my mother about this trip because she'd be (irrationally) losing her mind right now. Now torn between worrying about my friend's family in San Juan (and all of PR) and wondering if Maria will manage to jog west far enough to hang around off Florida just in time to stop me from getting off this ship as scheduled on Sunday.
  4. Here's the part where I politely ask people to verify their aftermath photo/video sources and not just trust anything off social media, and then my post gets deleted.
  5. Unless you count Naples.
  6. (I assume they think they have to top the Naples landfall footage?)
  7. For what it's worth, I did notice that TWC seemed to air most of the Naples landfall, about 90 minutes' worth, virtually commercial free. (Or so it seemed via my DIRECTV Now account, which I reactivated to watch storm coverage when I got weary of social media "coverage".)
  8. Do you have any links, or do you mean on TV?
  9. Go home Jose, you're drunk.
  10. Don't have pics on hand, but a tornado apparently destroyed a cruise park-n-go type parking garage on Merritt Island, including totaling many of the cars. (So some of the people stuck out on cruises from Port Canaveral lost their cars.)
  11. Quick cross-post from the (now abandoned) main storm thread, Keys aftermath:
  12. Lengthy update on the Keys. Mostly not good to 'very bad' (for example, zero functional hospitals), although they don't mention casualties. I believe an aircraft carrier is anchored down there for support, and they just sent the "Iwo Jima" as well (forgive my total military ignorance here ... although I just looked it up and Wikipedia calls it an 'Amphibious assault ship'). https://keysnews.com/article/story/irma-recovery-update/
  13. I guess all I'll say on the moderation post-mortem is that in one of the few posts I made during actual landfall (Naples specifically) I asked if people would post links to the cams/livestreams/etc they were commenting on. (There were a lot of posts like, 'storm chaser123's feed is nuts right now' but no links.) My post was insta-deleted, but the feed commentary with no links remained. If link info had been provided, I would have tried to collate the info in the media coverage thread. (I think breaking out a few things like that into separate threads is good, but I also understand it's kinda pointless if people refuse to read anything but the main thread.) I do understand that as a non-met/noob/someone who doesn't have wx in my screenname, my opinion is not terribly relevant, and that's fine.
  14. Doesn't seem like science is in the current administration's best interests. (Sorry, just exhausted by 2017 so far.)
  15. Do you have any links? Sincerely asking. I keep hearing rumors but can't find much so far on mainstream media.