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  1. Got about 0.85" in North Hills, Raleigh. Not bad! Better than 0" lol
  2. 0.75" in North Hills area of Raleigh at 1930
  3. Lots of reports from Ral in this thread of heavy snow and folks saying almost an inch and I'm just like ????? Am I in literally the worst spot? It's barely snowing here in the heart of Raleigh and certainly not sticking to pavement, although it is sticking to cars, roofs and grass it is nowhere near an inch. Not in my neighborhood lol. I'll take my measuring tape out in 30 mins after dinner is going. My garbage cans have been out all day so the tops should roughly reflect how much snow has accumulated on cold surfaces.
  4. Are you??? I'm off Wake Forest @ Navaho. Maaaaaaaaybe 0.25-0.50" here. Maybe. Very light snow for the past hour. Although, I think now I would categorize as "light snow" rather than "very light snow"
  5. What part? I'd barely call it a dusting in North Hills. Flurries falling for the past 45 mins
  6. OMG, it's FINALLY snowing moderately! I may be deep amidst unwalkable RTP's corporate fortresses and parking lots, but I'm going for a nice walk
  7. All rain in Durham near 54 @ 55. No snow has been seen yet.
  8. No precip here so far, but obs thread has reports of flurries/sleet in Garner near Clayton...
  9. 44/28 in Raleigh, overcast. No precip has fallen so far
  10. FWIW my car said it was 46 degrees when I was arriving at work half an hour ago. The temp gauge outside the building had 43 degrees. has us at 41 and TWC has us at 42. Low to mid 40s seems to be where we're at.
  11. I'm getting married outdoors in Asheville on Nov's it looking for me?
  12. Had a reeeeally strong wind gust in midtown Raleigh. Lost power at the same time and saw a transformer blow on the street behind my house. Ugh
  13. Didnt even know severe was a threat today but damn that was a good storm in Raleigh. Wake Forest Rd ITB