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  1. If we get a couple of those massive highs to come down like the models are suggesting, and if they can hang on for a while without racing east, there will be a winter storm at some point. The STJ is active.
  2. Robert's bullish bias is probably near 80%. Good met and nice guy. But he definitely has a bias toward cold.
  3. 3K not nearly as impressed. The WRF ARW2 (as if the ARW1 isn't bad enough, so they needed a second one) is similar to the 12k NAM. The GFS, CMC, RGEM, HRDPS, etc. are all out on this one. Good thing is, if the latest LR data is right, we'll probably be able to legit start tracking stuff in a couple of weeks.
  4. Agree with this. Red flags go up when you start to see more full latitude persistence, as you said. You'd start to see a SE ridge reflection in that case. So far, we don't see it, which is cause for optimism.
  5. I thought the same thing. It's a misleading tactic designed to be click bait.
  6. Better than an extra long cold drought event!
  7. Nice little chilly rain event. Good to keep the drought conditions at bay this time of year.
  8. Can you do please do these updates at least 4 times per week? Thanks!!
  9. Great read, Grit! I hope you bust too warm!!
  10. That's awesome. I think our area might crash all the way down to the upper 20s one night. A few days ago, I remember seeing a 12. Models seem like they might struggle by overdoing temps just a little bit in the long range.
  11. 100% agree. Take it and run. All day long!
  12. It is hard to believe that we will get as cold as the models are hinting at next week. Lows below 20? That would be a pretty amazing feat for mid-November. I bet we'll see some moderation in that forecast over the next few days.
  13. Fall is coming! Starting to look chilly as we roll towards Halloween.