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  1. A bit ambitious if you ask me but let’s see what happens. I’d give anything to get back to normal.
  2. Sorry to hear this. Praying that he pulls through. My mom was in the hospital for about five days because the doctor didn’t like her oxygen levels. She’s stabilized and was released but I’m still worried. They don’t want her near anyone for at least another week. Apparently she had a touch of pneumonia to go along with Covid. This whole thing just sucks. I think I was guilty of downplaying this on some level but it really hits home when a loved one gets sick. I pray we never see anything like this again in our lives.
  3. That's what I'm thinking. Doesn't it take about two weeks for the vaccine to really kick in?
  4. Just learned that my mom tested positive for Covid after she just got her first dose of the vaccine on Good Friday. She started feeling lousy on Sunday afternoon and got tested this morning. Her legs feel weak, can't taste anything, she's coughing a lot, etc. The one bit of good news is that her temperature has gone down since yesterday. It was as high as 100.9, now it's back in the normal range. No breathing issues so far either, thank God. She's turning 67 in May, no underlying health conditions.
  5. Same here. I'm so grateful that I don't have to take any meds right now. Look how many of them get recalled. My girlfriend's dad was on Metformin to treat his diabetes and now that apparently isn't safe to use. Hey, you can't beat a good pizza. Have to treat yourself once in awhile. I guess it's just a matter of portions and how frequently you indulge. 6 people out of 7,000,000 who received the J&J vaccine (so far) have developed these clots. They're all women between the ages of 18-48 also, so it's entirely possible that there is another factor common among them at play.
  6. FDA orders temporary halt in use of Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to blood clot issues. Not good.
  7. Happy Easter. Hope all who celebrate had a great day!
  8. Understood...but wouldn’t it stand to reason that we get more vaccines since our population is ten times greater?
  9. What’s going on up there? I’ve heard great things about their healthcare system. I’m surprised they’re lagging on vaccinations.
  10. 2-3 years? If that’s the case, there isn’t going to be much left. As far as total lockdowns, I don’t think anyone has an appetite for that. Even with politicians, it seems like a non-starter now. Restrictions may fluctuate but that’s about it.
  11. 916,000 jobs added in March. Looks like the labor market is bouncing back.
  12. I get it. Some still see it as an escape. Trust me, I’m not watching the news either. I’ve mostly been watching DVD’s of old shows and movies, along with some cool You Tube channels I’ve found. I just check my phone in the morning for a few minutes so I’m not completely out of the loop but I’m avoiding the news as much as possible otherwise.
  13. Yup. I’m normally the biggest sports fan you’ll find and I’m barely paying attention. Full disclosure, some of the politics that were injected last year also turned me off for awhile. You’re probably right on the masks, unfortunately.