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Major Hurricane Ida


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1 minute ago, jojo762 said:

Dropsonde and FL data would make it reasonable to nudge this up to 135kt. A little surprised the 8am advisory didn’t do that actually.

Believe same thing happens with Micheal prior to landfall. 

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3 minutes ago, purduewx80 said:

That is most definitely not how you read that. It's the altimeter, which was 29.22" or around 989.5mb. Looks like he deleted both tweets fortunately. 

That's what I thought too -- but he clipped the GIF version instead of the flash version of ADDS, which indeed uses whole integer numbers for SLP (the flash version uses the tenths, like in METARs). Still, the lowest I can find from the station's METAR record is:


KCYD 291035Z AUTO 1/4SM -RA FG OVC004 27/26 A2809 RMK A02 P0002 T02710260


Which is about 951mb. The issue is that the station didn't report an altimeter for 90m prior to that and it was on the way up -- so we don't really know.


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2 minutes ago, Bostonseminole said:

really hope those 28 folks make it



I guess they wanted to test their swimming skills. Can't think of another reason to stay on a remote island in LA with a Cat 4/5 approaching. They get the darwin seal of approval.

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1 minute ago, turtlehurricane said:

Wind gusts of 120+ mph (100+ sustained) on Mississippi Delta, these are observations that are technically on land. This is not even the eyewall!!! Just inner bands. This is extremely rare to see winds this high outside the eyewall. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 9.26.14 AM.png

This bands will definitely be going over New Orleans.

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Looks like new drop at 140kt at the surface.

Significant Wind Levels
Level Wind Direction Wind Speed
951mb (Surface) 85° (from the E) 140 knots (161 mph)
945mb 85° (from the E) 139 knots (160 mph)
938mb 95° (from the E) 160 knots (184 mph)
936mb 95° (from the E) 162 knots (186 mph)
930mb 100° (from the E) 149 knots (171 mph)
916mb 105° (from the ESE) 135 knots (155 mph)
906mb 105° (from the ESE) 136 knots (157 mph)
899mb 105° (from the ESE) 130 knots (150 mph)
883mb 110° (from the ESE) 127 knots (146 mph)
863mb 105° (from the ESE) 136 knots (157 mph)
850mb 115° (from the ESE) 124 knots (143 mph)
760mb 125° (from the SE) 147 knots (169 mph)

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