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  1. Good luck selling any of that to the general public and having them understand it, especially with that attitude.
  2. 12Z NAM and some other guidance showing the potential for thunderstorms Saturday afternoon w/ the triple point/front. Lapse rates near 7C/km and CAPE up to 500 J/kg is more than enough when you have a focused 50-65KT low level jet. A few hours of heavy rain are likely whether or not there are thunderstorms in the city.
  3. I think our only "hope" in coastal areas is some wrap around snow showers Sunday morning - even that's a low prob in terms of accumulation potential. 00Z runs will have sampled that potent upper low in the PacNW that seems to be responsible for slingshotting our system farther to the N.
  4. UKMET trended S a bit, but still only snows in the mountains.
  5. if you read that article, you’d see very clearly (big bold letters) they expect that rate to increase. It says so in plain language. Business as usual (fossil fuels) w increasing world population is expected to lead to an increase in the rate of sea level rise. Periodt.
  6. NOAA has an interesting interactive tool showing how sea-level rise will affect the US coastline. The worst-case scenario is thought to be an ~8' rise by 2100, with ~3' the average estimate.
  7. GOES-West is sampling it quite well.
  8. 12Z Euro is fairly close to the UKMET. They both suggest more of a wind/coastal flooding issue around here than anything.
  9. 12Z UKMET has temps approaching 50 in the city as the triple point passes through Saturday evening. Snow is restricted to the very highest elevations well outside this forum.
  10. Nah, it wasn't. Also a torch. Snow limited to the central Appalachians. While there is some potential next weekend, it's a thread the needle in a marginal airmass/pattern situation, so good luck.
  11. Closest 850mb temps zero or colder are in southwest WV and near the ME/Quebec border. Torched.