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  1. Nice cold pool with the WI activity, should roll into Chicagoland about the time it starts to weaken.
  2. You know the Lake is warm when you get a noticeable bump in humidity behind the lake breeze front.
  3. Looks to be a little bit higher threat for a few thunderstorms in the region this afternoon, with the lake breeze slowly moving inland and a weak disturbance now in NW IA/SW MN. Storm motions will be <10KT so the few who get rain may get a good/brief soaking.
  4. I'm not 100% sure, but dew points haven't been especially high during the hottest parts of the day so far.
  5. same for ORD...4-5F too cool on 2m temps most of the summer.
  6. Quite the coast-to-coast ridge on today's ensembles on/around d10-15. Seeing widespread 5940+ heights in the EPS means is impressive - GEFS below not as crazy.
  7. We already learned in the NE that reacting to sharp rises in cases means any mask or shutdown measures are too little, too late. Now is the part where pre symptomatic or asymptomatic people are infecting their friends and families. The longer we keep making these mistakes, the longer it will take to get back to business “as usual”.
  8. Already seeing that trend up in AZ and TX. FL and CA will probably follow shortly.
  9. bUt DeAtHs aRe StIlL tRenDiNg DoWn
  10. Good luck with a national mask law. Public shaming/cancel culture seem to be making progress. If that won’t work, more lockdowns will do the trick.
  11. new study in Nature today:
  12. Looks like an MCV similar to the one that produced flooding near Minneapolis last night could develop with the shortwave moving in from OK/KS tonight. Not the best agreement on where things set up exactly, but some places in MO and the southern half of IL will likely post some big rainfall totals from it in the next 24-36h.
  13. The 00Z NSSL WRF almost perfectly nailed the 5-7"+ rain totals near the Twin Cities overnight. It is probably a bit overdone this afternoon, but I think it has the right idea (certainly looks better than the 12Z HRRR). Already a decent shower out there along with a growing cu field.
  14. yep. loaded gun once we get temps in the upper 80s. we'll have an outflow boundary approaching from the northwest, lake breeze, stationary front and subtropical moisture plume all in place.