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  1. looks like a water spout just south of cooper's beach/southampton.
  2. JFK up to 3.56" after this most recent deluge. It's been fun to see two surface lows pass through the area in ~12 hours.
  3. getting some overrunning cells behind the line/cold dome in central NJ now, impressive for these parts. 850mb moisture transport:
  4. the JFK terminal doppler and OKX are both seeing 80-90MPH winds now on far eastern lbi and entering jbi.
  5. definitely. jfk on east, south shore could get pretty ugly.
  6. nah, the warm front is now moving back south due to cold outflow from all the thunderstorms north of here. N/NE winds behind it should stay in place until the low passes later this evening. that bow that affected philly should stay south of manhattan.
  7. yeah, mini supercells developing all over the city. also an outflow boundary moving south out of the earlier bow to our north, so some of these are more than capable of producing brief spinups.
  8. advection is more important today. would need to be near 100F based on that sounding to get anything at all.
  9. 12Z HREF still showing the tornado threat, a bit farther north than the 00Z run, which makes sense with the warm frontal location and low track. Areas that keep the E-SE sfc winds will have the highest threat for a brief spinup.
  10. yeah, the 12Z soundings were unimpressive - late evening showers/storms last night wiped things out for now. we'll be relying on moisture advection and the dynamics to get things going this afternoon. strong heating looks to continue, so that will help things out.
  11. HREF has a strong signal for rotating storms in the area later today:
  12. Just saw their statement on that, 100 it is.