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  1. Obviously smoky in the upper levels today. I guess to many it looks like a veil of cirrus. The sun should have that tell-tale red glow again towards sunset.
  2. meh. chicago will continue to expand into the burbs, and the burbs will continue to expand. it's not like UHI warming is fake - we all feel it.
  3. Think there is at least a marginal risk for severe hail across the region overnight as the 850 warm front lifts into northern IL. Mid-level flow is strongest near and north of the IL/WI border. Lapse rates are steep and there is a decent amount of both directional and speed shear such that some transient supercell structures are probable. 12Z NAM for ORD valid at 09Z below:
  4. it's incredibly sad you still believe this.
  5. Obviously, it’s a concern, but any met who factors that into their forecast should immediately lose their job.
  6. Nice expansion of the CDO over the past hour and a warm spot (psbl eye) in the middle.
  7. This is where the 15Z advisory has it:
  8. There has been a tropical storm watch out since Thursday at 21Z and a TS warning since yesterday at 15Z.
  9. wake me up when your at-risk kid catches it and you're still downplaying everything.
  10. Initial estimates of crop damage alone are $3.4 billion. Who'd have thought an August derecho would be on 2020's list of billion dollar disasters?
  11. HRRR and HRRRx did well, as did the RPM (IBM/WSI's ARW), IBM GRAF and the hi-res Canadian (HRDPS).