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  1. First legit lake breeze for Chicago tomorrow. Should make it well into the 50s early PM before it comes crashing down.
  2. Can definitely see the reverse gradient even more now driving to/from work in the suburbs. Lots of grass showing out there but we still have deep piles in the city. Despite most roads being snow-free now, people are somehow still claiming dibs on parking.
  3. I've been debating the latter given all the recent news about potentially not needing a second dose if you've already had COVID-19. As with everything else during the pandemic, I doubt CDC will recommend anything based on science for at least several months even as other countries appear prepared to do so. If I'm even more protected now from re-infection than those who never had it and got two doses, why not let someone who needs it more than me have it? I got my first dose about 11 months after having COVID-19. There was some prolonged (~4 days) swelling and soreness in my arm, and I may have had some slight muscle fatigue, but I otherwise had none of the other symptoms reported. I know as of November I still had some anti-bodies from last March, but the study I'm part of didn't divulge exactly how much.
  4. ORD up to 40 for the first time since Jan 14th. Models are over saturated in the boundary layer, which means 50 could be in reach tomorrow with the anticipated sun and wind/mixing. Deep snow cover may cap it in the upper 40s.
  5. Looking $$ near and north of ~I-80. FGEN could even sneak some 6" amounts in IA/WI. Dynamics easily support swaths of 1-2"/hr given the instability and moisture available.
  6. As Ricky has mentioned a few times now, there are some similarities to the Feb 4 system (that produced widespread TSSN). Seeing thunderstorms with it already out over the Pacific, which is a good indicator of the steep lapse rates aloft. The dynamics with this look really good despite the trough being positively tilted, its 60KT LLJ will be tapping into some Gulf moisture, too.
  7. Halfway decent agreement on the -PNA in the extended. This does not bode well for river flooding since the Gulf will open up for business and the pattern should remain active. Could mean a lot more snow for some, too.
  8. More synoptic seeding coming in in an hour or two. Can see it starting on sat/radar over southern LM.
  9. Really nice lake enhancement showing up on TORD. Models not doing well. Some may get more than an inch within a couple miles of the lake.
  10. Epic snow depth here now, which I haven’t experienced since living in Madison in ‘07-‘08. No way of knowing exactly how much we got, but there are drifts of 3-4’ in the backyard and piles 5-6’ high along the street. Roads are still pretty meh in the city, 290 was even still partially snow-covered on the drive home this afternoon. Safe to say the perennials are well-protected this year.
  11. Been a recent uptick in cases at work that is driving a move back to staffing restrictions. The office has been a bellwether for trends in the national population, so I’ll be curious to see how things shake out the next few weeks.
  12. Pretty bummed to be missing out on the absurd rates at home. Hunkered down at a hotel by work so as not to experience the shitshow that will be every highway in the area at 4 AM tomorrow.
  13. I called and tried. What a nightmare. “Blowing snow is the obstruction”.
  14. Actually some indications of waterspouts in the meso lows over the lake on TMDW.
  15. Radar estimating some tops over the lake as high as 10,000’ or 3km. Gives increased confidence in some 2-4”/hr rates today.