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  1. yep, exactly. plenty of moisture and a favorable upper pattern in play, but this wouldn't be the fluffy variety that stacks up like we see later in actual winter. the more easterly solution would probably decrease the fetch and result in a more NW'rly flow snowbelt pattern.
  2. Looks pretty meh on the soundings. Inversion heights don’t appear to be deep enough to tap into the good snow growth region w any cold air limited in depth and time (even off Superior).
  3. unfortunately, eating healthy and having enough time to exercise is a privilege in this country, thanks largely to capitalism. helps explain why people of color have suffered the most this year.
  4. 100%. This pandemic has proven to me two things (at least): 30-40% of the country is legit either smoking too much weed or actually certifiably paranoid schizophrenic, and 2, many Americans think their privileged lives of luxury mean that everything we enjoy is essential.
  5. I’ve dined out zero times in NYC and Chicago since the pandemic started, already had COVID, but have supported local businesses countless times by ordering take-out or delivery.
  6. Doesn't quite bomb out but close to it. Should be a decent shot of garden-variety thunder in many areas later Saturday, too, with the decent lapse rates and 50-70KT low level jet.
  7. This turnaround time is one of the biggest failures of the pandemic. There should’ve been more effort to fund tests with accurate, rapid results. In addition to increasing the risk of exposure, people who have common colds or the flu and can’t work while they wait 2-6+ days for a negative result are just wasting everyone’s time.
  8. Likely can be attributed to a decrease in sunlight/UV radiation. “We found that ultraviolet light was most strongly associated with lower COVID-19 growth rates. Projections suggest that, in the absence of intervention, COVID-19 will decrease temporarily during summer, rebound by autumn, and peak next winter.”
  9. Gosh, they must’ve heard you.
  10. Notice it doesn't say zero risk. It's also more complicated than that. Many people take their masks off to eat at work; is there sufficient ventilation in the shared spaces? Are people wearing masks that fully cover their nose and mouth? As Hoosier pointed out, relatively milder symptoms can be expected when transmission does occur since masks lower the received viral dose.