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  1. Model wind products are at 10m because anemometers are at 10m. This is entirely due to aviation.
  2. 09Z surface analysis has a coastal front draped from the city down to those cells in the Delmarva. The LLJ will probably shove it back NW-W later this morning but it will likely act as a focus for any spinups.
  3. because the NHC track shifted west. the heavy rain threat was always going to be west of the low's track.
  4. This is where the recent heat wave and warm SSTs come into play. Allows for steeper low level lapse rates to tap into the low level jet.
  5. At least three probable waterspouts out there now:
  6. now up to 4.19" at MKE in the past 3 hours. radar is significantly underestimating totals there.
  7. lake-effect getting going near Milwaukee now:
  8. Already some rainfall totals of 1-3" across the urban core (highest south side). Given incoming storms and several rounds of lake-effect convection tonight and again tomorrow night, I'd expect some significant urban flooding will result.
  9. early monday could deliver. most 00z guidance has a meso-low over the southern end of the lake with lake-induced CAPE up to ~2000 j/kg.
  10. another Bahamas radar composite...it's a ~12 hour loop click on the image to see the full loop
  11. NWS ramping up sounding frequency in the Southeast to better sample the environment ahead of Isaias.
  12. on what, using real-world in situ data to verify hurricane force winds and falling pressure? new towers are going up as we 'speak'.
  13. A lot of downsloping off the higher terrain is a good recipe for introducing dry air into the core. It may be ugly for another 18-24 hours or until it gets farther from the larger islands.
  14. Thanks, understood! Was wondering if there was an old school Taino name to use instead.
  15. Too close to land, but the MDPC observation certainly hints at a low-level circulation. Wind shift from ENE to SE as that cluster is passing. METAR MDPC 301300Z 13015G25KT 7000 RA FEW012CB BKN014 OVC070 26/25 Q1004 CB/E/SE/S/N MDPC 301200Z 07020G30KT 7000 -RA FEW014CB BKN016 OVC070 26/25 Q1005 CB/E/SE/S
  16. You can always get tested so you know for sure. What you're describing definitely fits within the wide range of symptoms people experience, but it could just as easily be something else.
  17. I'd add the "plandemic" video and widespread sharing of pseudo-science and misinformation on social media to that list. And maybe mental illness.
  18. TN is the 4th fattest and 10th poorest state.
  19. https://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/timeseries.php?sid=KORD&num=72&banner=NONE&hfmetars=1
  20. Current surface water temps on southern parts of LM: Goes to show you how easy it is to wipe out shallow warmth, especially when deeper parts of the lake have temps in the low 40s.