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  1. Isolated supercell about to cross into AL.
  2. That radar is far enough away for it to not be too useful. All you are seeing is the meso. Based on BMX, the tornado likely never handed off.
  3. I don’t think it has. It’s the same circulation. It’s just extremely close to the radar.
  4. I’m pretty sure it’s still a tornado. Based on radar I think it hasn’t lifted at all.
  5. https://twitter.com/ou_sams/status/1375202279641518082?s=21
  6. Western MS is rapidly clearing on satellite
  7. LCH 12z sounding is a classic loaded gun. Insane EML leads me to think today will be a very long day.
  8. I should have clarified more. The EML is not enough (at least on the soundings I’ve grabbed) to provide substantial capping. The EML isn’t quite warm enough at its base
  9. FWIW the whole SPC thing isn’t even meant for the general public at all. It’s guidance mainly for mets and to a lesser extent, emergency management (controls staffing levels). It wasn’t designed for general consumption but it’s gone that way over time. The good thing is that lots of TV mets use the 1-5 scale to communicate it.
  10. There’s a lack of an EML which is usually a sign for me of messy storm mode when it comes to Dixie. Don’t expect a D2 high.
  11. VBV shouldn’t be an issue. Slight VBV above 3km tends to be present on a lot of long track tornado days.
  12. I’m staying with friends so luckily I’m warm. The whole situation is frustrating because of how many areas nearby have never lost power.
  13. I’m now around 30 hours without power. This has been absurdly mismanaged by ONCOR seeing as their “rolling outages” haven’t been rolling at all.
  14. It’s a blast... I found a place to stay for the night that has power.