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  1. The eastern circulation is side lobe so there aren’t twins. It’s centered over the inflow region, not the hook.
  2. Gotta love the long range HRRR and it’s propensity to do crazy things.
  3. There's a big time flash flood threat behind this supercell. It's dumping a ton of rain and more storms are popping along the OFB behind it and training along the path. I expect some really bad flooding to occur tonight.
  4. Looks like it will go south of Hattiesburg. Looks to end up very close to Camp Shelby.
  5. Tylertown storm is really improving its presentation. Hook is becoming evident and the inbounds (outflow) are ramping up like the outbounds (inflow) have been the last few scans
  6. I don't think that's surface based so there shouldn't be a huge tornado threat from it
  7. I'm betting it lofted a bunch of leaves. Plenty of trees in that area and leaves are super easy to lift high.
  8. TDS very evident on the LA cell.
  9. Cell in LA also produced. Quite the CC drop on it
  10. Bit of a CC drop on the Texas storm. Spotter confirmed tornado.
  11. Already a large area with greater than 2500 J/Kg of MLCAPE south of the warm front. Definitely a volatile environment if surface winds are not veered and storms can form.
  12. I have a feeling the HRRR is really overdoing they mixing of the boundary layer. There is not any other model support for mixing of that strength and I find it pretty hard to believe it will happen with the quality of moisture. Some mixing will happen, but not as much as the HRRR is modeling.
  13. Sometimes that’s a sign that the storms are modeled to be elevated, similar to a lot of the crapvection last week. WAA loves to force elevated convection if there is a layer that supports it.
  14. This link will work for any office. https://www.weather.gov/jan/dat_redirect