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  1. The pressure was extrapolated from 700mb. I guess they either ran out of dropsondes or had a malfunction. That explains why the VDM came out so quick. Eye diameter down to 20nm with the south side open.
  2. Jesus they got that VDM off super quick. 950mb
  3. Never realized that was you. You tweet some real good stuff!
  4. Took me a couple tries to get it to work on my iPhone. Site isn’t designed for super good public consumption. Y’all got lucky I have a friend with the link.
  5. This link should have the OU SMART-R feed it once they are set up: http://smartr.metr.ou.edu/smartr2/latest/ *deleted previous post since I got the link.
  6. 949.2 extrap. 95kt FL and 95kt SFMR on the inbound. Edit: Large area of 100kt FL on the outbound.
  7. SFMR gets messed up in high rain rates. Those low values were all right in the middle of a huge rain rate spike. Dropsonde should give us a better idea of what’s going on since SFMR couldn’t that pass.
  8. Outflow looks good in all quadrants. Based on what I’m seeing right now I expect recon to find ~115-120kt FL and ~100KT surface. Low end Cat 3.
  9. Had to get some work done and took a bit of time off from the storm. Looks a bit improved in the past hour. Slow intensification is definitely happening.
  10. Got up to 110kt flight level that pass.
  11. FWIW I usually put much more stock in IR since it allows me to see finer detail than visible on cloud heights. Allows me to pick up different features that may not be as well shown on vis. in other news, recon got 102kt flight level NE of the eye.
  12. Sure doesn’t look good now.
  13. The band is back and as soon as it showed up the whole thing got super ragged again. Not looking great right now.
  14. Latest VDM still showing open eyewall. Based on IR it looks like there’s a weaker area rotating around that was to the south a couple minutes before the VDM. It’s now on the east side but looks a bit better now. edit: that lasted like 10 minutes
  15. Looks like there’s currently 2 hot towers rotating around the center. May get some inner core organization going finally.