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  1. Could be slightly elevated, but photos I'm seeing don't look like that. That thing is one efficient hail producer.
  2. Still no debris signature. Any CC drop is in the BWER, so it means nothing.
  3. There were at least two more tornadoes (at least I know I saw) north of the Fairborn tornado. There may have been a 3rd but I'm not 100% sure on that one. We were too late leaving Springfield on our accidental chase to get the one in Fairborn.
  4. Has anyone heard anything about surveys from Thursday? I haven't seen anything about the tornadoes on OUN's twitter.
  5. Waynoka not on ground right now.
  6. I'll take your word on that since I don't read too many severe weather Papers. I know his expertise and trust his knowledge. (He is going to get the red name pretty soon)
  7. Heck, there's already upper 60s advecting into SE Oklahoma (almost 70 far SE). On a side note, on the mobile website is there a way to get the met names red? I recognize them but the names are white. I'm too lazy to learn the app.
  8. Done for today. Got the tornado south of McLean (pictured) and then the rain wrapped wedge Wheeler, TX. We never got too good of a view but could see it in the rain. Fist time I was close enough to hear the roar, and it was impressive. Also saw (and reported) structural damage just east of Elk City where an outbuilding was destroyed and trees and power lines were down.
  9. HRRR is further south with convection than other CAMs. It is further south with the dryline bulge, which is what I'm playing.
  10. One thing to note is that between 700 and 500mb, there is a very slight backing based on some GFS soundings. This backing should be weak enough to not break things. One plus with it is that it's a sign of cold air advection (If someone wants I can do the calculation, but I took a final on it Friday and I would rather let the model do the math for me). This should steepen the lapse rates below this area, increasing instability. This seems like it could be one of the primary reasons the GFS totally erodes the capping inversion.
  11. It's the OKC media chasers so the cops just let them do it.
  12. We were a couple hundred yards from the Davidson tornado/Gustnado/whatever it was, it had a funnel at one point, but it looked to emanate from the outflow, so I think it's Gustnado. It may have actually been two different gustnadoes, or at least it weakened and restrengthened quickly. We observed the gustnado(es) from 7:54 to 7:57 before bailing south to get out of its way. There was definitely one tornado in the Cattanooga and Loveand area around 8:30.
  13. Tail end Charlie has constant rumbles of thunder right now. Definitely strengthening.
  14. I'm leaving a bit later, around 2 after a review for a final. Hoping to get to west of Lawton by 3:30 and figure it out from there. I want to keep an eye on the FDR VAD to see how it compares to the HRRR soundings to see the trends. If it looks worse than forecast I may not even go. One thing to note, the HRRR has not initialized the boundary location in SW OK well at all. HRRR has it in the TXPH while obs have it in SWOK. Also, it isn't picking up on any of the convection in SWOK right now.
  15. One thing to note is the excellent moisture we have in place. Norman has a pretty much perfect morning of event sounding with deep moisture, and veering low level winds, showing WAA, and more moisture. A lot of today's threat revolves around the LLJ and when it kicks up. If we get it a bit earlier, the tornado threat will last longer. One thing to note is that with the very moist boundary layer, an overnight inversion will take much longer to form. In this reguard, the HRRR makes sense with the boundary layer present in forecast soundings near the end of the run in COK. Probably mainly a hail threat there, but something to keep an eye on.