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Mid to Long Term Discussion 2021


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2 hours ago, NorthHillsWx said:

Piece of southern stream energy looks interesting a few days after New Years. In this run the phase occurs about 12 hours too late for widespread snow in the south, but it’s very close 


Euro Control run did what you thought this might do and buried Hampton Roads and NE NC. I don’t think much made it west of Burlington if it even made it there.

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3 hours ago, BullCityWx said:

I swear I don’t understand the pessimism. 

The Atlantic High Latitudes are looking better than years past that is true.  But for the foreseeable future the guidance suggest that the Pacific will vary between "Meh" at best to "Ugly" at worst.  In addition; the relative warmth in our normal source regions (northern Canada) means that there won't be much cold to work with in general.

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6 hours ago, BullCityWx said:

I swear I don’t understand the pessimism. 

I don’t think it’s intentionally being pessimistic, more along the lines of not being mentally let down.  The stars, moons and planets seem to have to be perfectly aligned for what most want ( a historic storm). If expectations are lowered and model hugging doesn’t occur then we may be surprised by late March.  Who knows?

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