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  1. First good shower complex we have had in weeks. Since Dorian. Can't complain too much. Last two weeks have brought Easterly winds. A few sprinkles and temps steady 88-93. Hopefully the Gulf opens up this winter. If not widespread drought for much of the SE till late summer.
  2. Amazing how hot it's been for you all north of I10. Incredible really for late September early October. Going to be crappy foliage season. The leaves are probably going from green to brown.
  3. Five years ago. Tomorrow morning, I left Roxboro NC. Moved back home to central FL. Where I was born and partly raised. Dunno why it sticks with me so. But 9-28-14 was cold for NC and Florida standards. Remember arriving at my grandparents house. They had the heat on. Five years later. I have a short sleeve shirt on, shorts and flip flops.
  4. Agree. She will be a open wave or post ts. By tomorrow. That upper level low and trough ripping her apart. No way a TS can survive such hostile conditions . She stuck over one hell of a trough. https://cdn.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/GOES16/ABI/SECTOR/car/08/1000x1000.jpg
  5. Might be trying to form an eye. Via visible satellite tried to form an eye earlier this morning.
  6. Recon found some 45mph winds se of the center. Closing in on the center winds appear to be TD status. Satellite doesn't show anything special. Deep convection getting blown to the NW west of the center. Karen slowly fading away. Too bad she didn't get to talk to the manager.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if Karen is dropped later today or tomorrow. That is indeed a ULL. Karen is on the eastern side. So more than likely she will get shredded apart by the trough. Note that swirl above the ULL is Jerry... well what's left.https://cdn.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/GOES16/ABI/SECTOR/car/08/1000x1000.jpg
  8. I was about to call BS But after looking. The mid level center is clearly over PR. But looking at Radar maybe some truth that statement. LLC definitely NE of PR. But how so quickly? Edit. LLC is definitely NE of PR. Developing convection NE of PR shows banding on radar.
  9. 1 over and near land. 2 asymmetrical 3 just started getting better organized over the last 18 hours or so. 4 upper levels not providing adequate exhaust for deep convection Just because conditions are favorable does mean it will bomb out now. Structurally... it's not really stacked and has been sheared.
  10. Looking at radar out of PR. The center reformed. They have consolidated That 2nd NE swirl appears to have become the primary center. As far as the center is concerned Eastern PR will be landfall.
  11. Well the popcorn ran out. Don't think the popcorn there or Jerry. Atm any LLC near the deep convection. South and west of what the models show. Especially over PR.
  12. Looking at visible and recon. What LLC there is. Any landfall will be west of PR. More towards DR
  13. So far. Recon looks like crap. No west wind Possible center location of 1008mb.
  14. Highly disorganized. Looks like recon heading SW atm. They probably going to make another attempt at the center.
  15. Very reasonable day. Can't complain today. Low to mid 80s. Had 5-6 showers today. Looks like another here shortly. Been windy not so much today. But these little cells are very fast.