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  1. Not surprised. It will snow in roxboro before any other location. Va/NC line. Danville to GSO east
  2. Gfs been suffering from convective feedback issues. Which honestly most of the globals have been as well. Wouldn't really put much faith past 84 hours. Honestly the Canadian looks fishy at 0z
  3. North GA, TN, NC, Va mountains look promising for some snow today. That system over the SE isn't decaying all that fast. Holding on rather good atm.
  4. Pretty bad when Dallas cashes in and as the system heads east drys up in the process.
  5. SLP well of the Atlantic Coast. Disconnected from the ULL.
  6. SLP well of the Atlantic Coast. Disconnected from the ULL.
  7. Downslope starting to kick in. Back edge approaching GSO and CLT.
  8. We'll see. But yeah I think another pattern change in store. Tonight's ULL laying the ground work for it. If that's really the gfs. Then yeah more than likely. Its going to get cold.
  9. TWC app on my phone, radar out of Huntsville and south appear to have some blue showing up. That's definitely bright banding and a very impressive band. It would not be out of the realm of possibility people under that band in AL atm getting slush.
  10. The usual lines. 85 and 40 east. North of there should be good.
  11. One thing about this setup It will run SE to NW. NW to SE flow. The angle. Should provide a SE to NW flow. East side upslope hella dry slot followed by cold.
  12. Frosty again this morning up around Rock Springs and rural parts of Lake County. Kind of weird not to have frost advisories. Can tell though the air is a bit dryer, not as much frost overall.