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  1. Uh Quite a difference. But it happens
  2. It's been warm. Near 90 the last three days. The front is near by.
  3. Quite warm yesterday. Up near 90 yesterday and for the next two days. Ready for the rainy season to kick in. Nothing like sitting on the porch listening to the thunder and heavy rain from the seabreeze collisions.
  4. Those cabins were once tobacco barns.
  5. Nice pictures. SE person county? Looking back towards from the west northwest
  6. According to an old neighbor. Via txt messages. They just had the worse ice storm she can reminder. From some of the pics on FB. Looked pretty bad. Trees snapped like toothpicks. No power. Near Roxboro
  7. Most definitely. Token flakes will happen.
  8. Not trolling. This is not a proper miller b storm. Anybody with enough common sense without a met tag can tell that this setup is not favorable.
  9. Thanks it hurts I know. Been there done that. But you are correct.
  10. Enjoy that tonight. Sorry. This time tomorrow you will be asking "what snow"
  11. Enjoy your low to mid 30s. You can look at radar tell by the angle and trajectory. It's not going to happen south of the VA border. Too much WAA with this setup. Sorry. Where ever you are expect your temps to creap up. 35-40.
  12. You are right. Considering the angle and trajectory... Too much WAA going to happen. You can see it on radar. Oh well the mountains about to have one hell of a storm.
  13. 0z hrrr pretty well shows a all rain event for NC,SC Narrow line southern VA heading north.
  14. FWIW TWC weather app. Has snow over the mountains breaking out roughly 1-130. Rain east roughly 2am. No zr or sleet.