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  1. I agree. Hard to tell if there is anything left of the MLC. But obviously the SLC is southeast of Jacksonville this morning. Looks like a wet day shaping up for FL and southern/central GA. Definitely muggy this morning compared to yesterday. Will be interesting to see how that feeder band progresses this afternoon with day time heating and seabreeze/meso boundaries.
  2. Looking at visible.. at least 2 small vortices left off shore. That will continue to disapate But the mid level vortex is pushing in with the associated dry seabreeze. Aiming directly at Volusia county. Around Titusville. Pretty stout NE to Sw flow on radar in the lower levels. Even with the seabreeze it's hard to get convection to fire up over the FL with a stiff NE flow. On to the next one .
  3. There are times a ULL can transition. But you got to have a very stagnant and blocky UL flow over a warm tropical environment. Just like a derecho... I can remember at least one time a derecho dropping from MW to TX,LA to the GOM. It got left behind from the main UL flow and days, days later turning into a sloppy lop sided TS.
  4. Those yellow x are areas of interest. Meaning areas to watch. Not naming everyone that appears throughout the tropical season. Above is a cold core upper low. Nothing tropical... The main low is up at 30-40k feet. With really no "real" mid level( 15-30k feet) or surface based reflection.
  5. I can confirm. Pretty wicked looking towers yesterday on the way back from Sarasota. Plenty of CG lightening with those storms. Needless to say with traffic and storms what should have been a 2 hour 15 min ride was 3 hours instead.
  6. All along the I4 corridor. Down to south FL... Along and east of US 17&27 to 95 could be getting rough here in the next several hours stretching early morning hours
  7. Earlier I could understand dismissing a possible eye. But what's showing up on radar is definitely an eye.
  8. On interesting note. Tampa is named after old Native American dialect. Tampa is derived from the Pohoy and Tocobaga native indian culture... Meaning sticks of fire.
  9. Elsa not looking too impressive atm. Dry air on the western side has limited convection. Seems as if the LLC and MLC organizing some per radar and WV this morning. Considering the close proximity to land and daytime heating may give her a boost later today.
  10. Ozone. Smells like chlorine. Right after a bad storm.
  11. Elsa strengthening over Cuba. That sounds about right. She must have found a valley to squeeze through.
  12. That convection over the Orlando area crazy atm. Bad lightening and heavy rain and gusty. It's lighting up. But I was sitting on the back porch. Almost looked like 830-9 pm. And I smelled ozone. Been along time since I smelled ozone.
  13. Not wishcasting if you want to call it. But per radar and satellite. Elsa has been going no where fast since 2pm. Pretty solid trough axis setting up across central FL this evening. Not your typical seabreeze and meso scale boundaries. From Tampa to Orlando.
  14. Looking at WV. Clouds are heading due north of the center. I'd say all forward motion to NW is done and over with. Elsa should start turning NE overnight. With the jet to the north helping with the outflow. Decent outflow to the south. I'd expect Elsa to strengthen tonight.
  15. Well that's what I thought too from your last post. The jet stream has done capture this. GFS might be too far west but the possibility of the weaker further east Canadian may be a outlier too.
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