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  1. Nice warm morning. Mid 70s. Alot of high and mid level clouds. Hopefully we will get some decent rains today. Not looking forward to the cold air behind the front.
  2. It's been dry. The drought in Tx is expanding east.
  3. I'll take a blend of Icon/Canadian for this coming week. Actually shows decent rain chances deep into Florida. Past several weeks the fire hose has been aligned Sw to NE well to my Nw over the panhandle AL, GA, LA, MS
  4. There will have to be some major changes on the h5 level to even become favorable. Icon for example. The two SW need a trajectory from Montana to Tx. Not Montana to LA, Ms, Al. It's got dig more South West.
  5. Wow radar looks impressive. Good luck guys and gals. Considering how crappy this winter has been. Rooting for a over preformer.
  6. Who would want to got to that garbage pit? Alot nice areas around the GL.
  7. WRF came north. Looks very nam ish. Looks colder overall.
  8. This is essentially I540 between Durham and Raleigh. Text data shows it still below freezing. Roughly within a half degree. It's a thin layer but shouldn't see consequence of a warm layer roughly 32-33. Who knows could be overcome real easy.
  9. High sleet totals look possible for Northern SC and Southern NC.
  10. Last night run of WRF. Obviously not as amped and a little further south of Nam. A little dryer. But still lines up with Nam as far as east NC goes.
  11. I know. That's the reason why I said north and west of 85. Lots of potential.
  12. Just yalls luck. Blow through Nov, Dec, Jan then winter decides to show up mid/late Feb to March. Wonder if yall should be concerned April and May?