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  1. Aren't F5s capable of ripping up asphalt? If it can rip up asphalt clearly the foundation, topsoil would have been gone too. So probably a high-end 3 to 4.
  2. I've seen it snow in April. A week before was in the 90s. It does happen even though rarely. I was in middle school. I think it was April of 99 or 00. Any way. Kinda of depressing seeing the front stalled in N Fl the last day or so. So close but yet so far. Last good rain we had was on the 5th. That was a surprise.
  3. What a beautiful FL day. Out of the ordinary it rained from roughly 930 to 630 Ground is wet Now in the upper 60s.
  4. Holy crap. It rained tonight. Had a band of showers come through. Rained moderate to hard for about 20 mins. Could have lasted longer. But at least this pollen got washed out. Temp 74.
  5. Mid and upper 90s possible for my area after Wednesday. Sure hope we don't get a repeat of last May this early in the season. 98-102. Still patiently waiting for the rainy season to get into gear. Currently near 90. Leaves are falling hella bad.
  6. Been in the upper 80s and 90ish + Last two weeks. Summer is here. Patiently waiting for the rainy season
  7. Sunny and low 60s. Heading up to about 65 down in the 40s tonight. Just 2 days ago...Thursday. Had a high of 91.
  8. That's neat. Your last sentence is very true.
  9. Here in central Florida the leaves are shedding again. The shed twice a year. The oak trees are different from up north. Evergreen year round. Spring time and fall time. The azaleas are in full bloom for the last couple of weeks. Pine tree's doing their thing. Pollen. Spring has sprung here.
  10. I love it. Cant wait for the rainy season to kick in. 80s/90s with diurnal storms.
  11. Low 70s and sunny. After a low in the 40s.
  12. Currently in the mid 40s and smokey. Started out cold and crisp this morning. Low to mid 40s. Currently 46. Made it into the mid 60s today. Was breezy.
  13. Nice warm morning. Mid 70s. Alot of high and mid level clouds. Hopefully we will get some decent rains today. Not looking forward to the cold air behind the front.