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  1. But probable Just like everyone saying it's heading to New Orleans. Models can only do so much. Especially during the fact that you have a TC strengthening. I can tell you that the current center fix with a strengthening center is already too far east and curving to make landfall in New Orleans. It's going to be east.
  2. Judging by satellite. The fact it's been wobbling so today. I honestly would not be shocked if Ida makes landfall west of Mobile Bay right into lower MS. Especially if it under goes more strengthening since the sun has gone down.
  3. Looking at WV. West of the keys Sarasota Tampa and the big bend of FL looks as if a low level jet/convergence band setting up.
  4. Say what?! Looking at Visible.. there is a deep SE flow for most of the SE at the surface. Including LA, MS, TX. Any influx of continental airmass would be coming from the SW of the Storm through Mexico up through the BOC and that's not really happening.
  5. Judging by WV Ida's convection waned some over the last few hours. But she is wrapping up. Not good. Now that sunset approaches. Give it a few hours for the upper levels to cool off... No telling what might happen.
  6. The eye of Ida is expanding over the last few frames. Convection has waned as well from IR and WV.
  7. Looks like Ida finally opening up a eye via WV. A small one atm. Towers continuing to build N,E,S of the center.
  8. Via WV... Ida is becoming highly symmetrical around the center and all quadrants. Very obvious that Ida gaining some steam this morning.
  9. Not really shocking. Considering the LLC coming into a mountain/hill chain... Strong south flow. There will be orographic enhancement.
  10. With all due respect. You're a meteorologist... You should know these things. Unless getting met degree was on your bucket list of things to do but you have never really practiced that education. Ya awfully rusty charlie. But no disrespect intended. But agree. Darn good outflow to the north and south of the center. As long as the LLC stays away from land to minimize friction. This storm could look a lot different in the morning. Especially since the upper levels cool off after today's sun.
  11. Looking at WV. Not much left of Henri. Probably won't be much left over the next several hours. Pretty much been fully captured by the H5 trough.
  12. Here is the next few to several hours. Won't be anything left of Henri. H5 trough absorbing the storm. Which there is nothing really left of it now.
  13. Yeah it looked threatening all day in Clearwater. Then went to a new upcoming job by the hard rock casino. It held that look for the biggest part of the day. Around Lakeland ran through some sprinkles. Just enough to cut the wipers on. But considering the orientation I was expecting something over the peninsula. At least with such deep SW flow.
  14. Honestly considering the direction of the storm I expected much more squally bands with afternoon heating. But the outer bands have been minimal down the FL peninsula today. With such deep SW flow, ECSB is not there. Neither has the meso boundaries. High clouds have prevailed
  15. I'm over here in Tampa on my way to Clearwater. But you can certainly tell there is a storm in the GOM. Very dark and the bay is choppy.
  16. With the h2 trough over GA and FL. Plus the HP currently over top of Fred.. Alot of divergence available atm coupled with Diurnal max. Clearly seen on WV as clouds back to the NW with the developing jet.. Fred trying extra hard tonight.
  17. What a flare up of convection last couple of hours. No dry air to really be found on WV of any significance. H2 trough visible over GA,FL. With the diurnal convection developing atm and possible further favorable upper level divergence developing... Fred could get his act together tonight. Outflow looks decent to the North, East and South
  18. I'll be out your way tomorrow working off of McMullen Booth RD and Gulf to Bay. But coming across SR 60 across the bay... I would be really sketched out if a cat 2 or higher hit that area.. presuming the NE quadrant.
  19. That's not the LLC. Move your arrow to the left over that island. That's where the LLC is. That area with your arrow is probably more than likely is the MLC.
  20. Wow. Talk about a junky system. LLC highly displaced from any convection. Currently over that little island NNW of Haiti. While convection and upper levels trapped over Hispaniola. I honestly don't see this system getting it's act together. Considering the LLC out running the upper levels.
  21. I see what your talking about now. Good eye. Most definitely that feature could be SFC. If it is... It's about to be over water again here shortly.
  22. It is. Not going to run into a brick wall... Mainland Hispaniola. Going to skim South than probably jump north of there.
  23. Probably the convection as the SLC scraps and squeezes through 2 valley regions.
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