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Mid to Long Term Discussion 2021


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49 minutes ago, griteater said:

None of the models really show the MJO moving much over the next two weeks, so it's hard to say what impact it will have down the line.  And the MJO is just one piece of it all, of course.  It's a tight rope though.  We certainly don't want the MJO hanging out in 3-4-5, so we'll just have to see what transpires with its movement going forward.  I'm less confident with Jan than I was a week ago though.  Western 1/2 of Canada is likely to remain very cold with that ridge in the NPac....plenty of years where we haven't had that going for us

See Weekly MJO Update from CPC: https://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/precip/CWlink/MJO/mjoupdate.pdf

Reason I said the mjo rmm charts is because I go to dacula weather mjo and it shows all models with the mjo and some, at least what I noticed have it moving alot more than the euro. Euro is probably right but I wanted to.point that out. Trying to stay optimistic lol

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