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  1. Hi everyone. I saw some snow fall but no accumulation here in my area this past winter. I think the IO will be important, like it is every winter. I know people are extremely apprehensive after this past winter.
  2. I'm not the smartest guy with weather, but every system has trended north this winter, but now with energy coming out of the sw and it can't produce a winter storm with a decent hp up north. Blows my mind. If the hp was further nw, it would trend nw for sure.
  3. We are running out of time regardless. Its already the middle of February. Its been cold despite no -ao, nao, or epo here in my area. Just hope we have a realistic chance at a winter storm. I just want 1-2 inches snow and I be happy lol.
  4. Carver, to me its really shocking in a way that we can't get out of this non favorable pattern for winter weather, especially with shorter wavelengths approaching soon.
  5. Jax, do you think we can get a pattern that supports a legit winter event or ULL before we run out of time?
  6. You would think with changing wavelengths that we get some exciting model runs because if the trough is too far east, we get just dry flow but can help dry out. Its amazes me we are still stuck.
  7. Hi Bob. Can you make any sense out of this tweet from Dr. Butler?
  8. Dr. Amy Butler posted this image and tweet earlier today.
  9. Jomo, why is the pattern not supporting a cold outcome? What is the main problem?
  10. If yall think think about it, there really isn't any solid cold air mass. Its been a very uneventful winter for sure.
  11. I noticed Allan Huffman pointed out the strong Icelandic low is causing the +ao/nao. Its 926mb. Pretty strong. I still believe we need a pattern reshuffle. Everything is going against us.
  12. I believe if we have a true -qbo mainly at 30 and 50mb, we should see a period of colder weather that has some stability imo.
  13. I'm Mr. Golf over there lol. I haven't been there in a while though.
  14. Hi guys. David gold posted this last night on Anthony Masiello page on Twitter. Maybe some of yall can make some sense with it.