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  1. Not positive but willing to bet it’s 1/5th of what is predicted!
  2. Nothing new winter wise! Hopefully hurricane season will spare most!
  3. I’d be good with that. Bring on the warmer days!
  4. Still sleeting here, not that it matters much at this point but I am wondering why the dew point went up since this morning?
  5. Still just sleet/rain in SE Harnett County!
  6. I hope you guys overperform down that way and get a few inches!
  7. South of Raleigh. Temps not going down much and dew point is creeping up according to NWS! Not sure what to make of that.
  8. 40/30 Coats, NC light sleet mixing in
  9. Why do some say the same crap 100 times. We read it the first 99!
  10. Thanks, Learning, these rules are about like calculus!
  11. Wouldn’t higher precip amounts lead to more cooling?
  12. I will be the first to admit that I have been adversely critical of your statements on this winter! Nothing personal I promise! I guess it was due to your statements of no winter. The pattern sucks and I get that! Warm and rain and a day or two of cool and dry! I would appreciate your honest thoughts on this system/setup later after the models have hashed out the best they can!
  13. Just a question? Don’t precip shields erode as they move. NWS is calling for +-5 for your area as of now. Could be wrong. I’ve seen pro Mets call for 1/2 of the accumulations of the models locally. Not to say your wrong but I would hope so.