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  1. No snow on the east coast! Mark my word! I’m not a MET but I do read these forums!
  2. I love seeing people live /die run to run. Highs and Lows! It’s awesome/ winter is over! Comical at the least!
  3. I appreciate both of you responding. I guess more so I am asking how each phase of MJO is prominent during the different ENSO phases. I get what El Niño, neutral and La Niña patterns are in regards to their set up of SST’s in the pacific. I was looking more into how each phase 1-8 is different in each ENSO phase if that makes sense!
  4. So from what I have read and somewhat grasp, the phase is indicative of what area convection is in the pacific. How does a El Niño, La Niña or neutral setup effect each phase? If my basic understanding is wrong then I apologize, trying to learn!
  5. It never snows past Feb? This board is ridiculous really! I understand that the pattern sucks atm and doesn’t look to improve in the next 20 days. We may not get snow or we may! Anyone who is concrete in their feeling either way should submit a resume to accuweather!
  6. Understood! So your saying on January 4th that there will be nothing more than a trace for NC outside of the mountains?
  7. The December 9th or so event of last year I was at work and the gradient for accumulation was tight. I work in Midland and it was mostly a rain event with sleet and snow mixed in with no accumulation. If you went 10 miles north there was an inch or two. We were locked in and I saw it once it was mostly gone!
  8. Man, I get it. I live near Raleigh but work close to Charlotte I have an apartment for work and am home when off. The last few years have been comical to me almost to the point of tearing my hair out. If I was home the the Charlotte are would get a few inches and if I was at work they would get it at home! I just would like to see some snow either way. What I was getting at is that based off of history at some point it’s going to happen this year. If not then so be it! I also understand that for your location it’s more of a rarity.
  9. It’s been a while if ever with no measurable snow. We always seem to get at least a trace. I understand that the atmosphere is changing but going off of history we will see something! If one expects feet then they should move North and a little West ! https://www.currentresults.com/Yearly-Weather/USA/NC/Raleigh/extreme-annual-raleigh-snowfall.php
  10. I think people blame everything when they don’t get 2 feet of snow by Christmas. Comical to me as we are not in a region that gives us that often. Signs suck as of now but blocking looks better late month as far as my amateur eye sees. My biggest memorable snows are late January into February. Not saying it will happen but it’s far from over!
  11. I thought you said frozen north of 40? I’m shocked!
  12. He did highlight COULD. Low percentage chance but it boosts ratings generally in the SE!
  13. I live 1/4 mile North of 40 in Eastern NC. Sweet! Bring on the snow! Thanks for the official forecast!