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  1. So in your opinion where is the threat coming from?
  2. Who would have guessed the NHC had a clue of what they were talking about!
  3. So is this post tropical as the experts advised?
  4. I’m at work in Midland NC and the weather is wonderful compared to what it has been Sir! This trough is a great break!
  5. Thanks just making sure my thoughts were justified!
  6. Wouldn’t a weakened storm trend west?
  7. The humidity feels like it was cut in half and there is a breeze this morning. I’ll take it and love it!
  8. I watched a video from Brad Panovich earlier and he stated that there was some downturn in model accuracy due to the lack of commercial flights sampling the upper atmosphere. I thought that was interesting. Any thoughts from those more in the know?
  9. Not positive but willing to bet it’s 1/5th of what is predicted!
  10. Nothing new winter wise! Hopefully hurricane season will spare most!
  11. I’d be good with that. Bring on the warmer days!
  12. Still sleeting here, not that it matters much at this point but I am wondering why the dew point went up since this morning?
  13. Still just sleet/rain in SE Harnett County!
  14. I hope you guys overperform down that way and get a few inches!