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  1. You have a valid point. I grew up in Harnett County and spent most of my adult life on or near the coast. To me I considered Raleigh and the surrounding areas “central” NC. I moved towards the Concord/Charlotte area and said it was out west and people laughed at me. It’s opinion and local based.
  2. Sorry for your friends turn in health and the loss of his father. Prayers to the family!
  3. Call me a weenie if you want but we are 5-6 days out and the cold is around and there is a low pressure that we have no clue where it will end up. I’ll take my chances and wait until Sunday before cliff diving. I understand being burnt but this is a different setup and at the end of the day I’ve seen a trace this year at the minimum!
  4. What’s your reasoning for this?
  5. I’d like to wait a few days to see what the polar vortex is actually going to do. I am more pessimistic at this point but living run to run has proved futile this year. Wobbles east and west remind me of Hurricane tracking. Models suck this year but have seemed to trend better within 48h
  6. Next possible event should be labeled as __-__ more than likely snowless event letdown part 37!
  7. Yeah it’s a linked generator but we’re closing soon and would be moving! Don’t want to jinx the board though Sir!
  8. Most likely our excitement will be curbed shortly! I’ll say fun while it lasted but who knows? Still too far out. With my luck this one will probably deliver as I am closing on a house in a spot worse than Grayman and moving will be delayed
  9. I’m ok with that at this point, better than a cold rain!
  10. Brad P talked about this months ago during Hurricane season, nothing new. Commercial flights are down leading to less sampling of the upper atmosphere!
  11. Hope it pans out for my western people! It’s only 6 days away! It could trend better or worse!
  12. The models have been real accurate this year outside of how many hours? Asking for a friend!
  13. Too early to call at this point and probably meant to be in the whining post but this is how it feels model hugging atm!
  14. Thought you had enough and were out?