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  1. In Rockingham NC 0.0 snow. 0.0 Ice. Never saw a flake
  2. Book it. Start the thread. We can even name it after you. “The Northhills monster”
  3. When I saw that run I though of you. Wonder how many inches of fantasy snow has been up that way?
  4. Agree. Kind of glad it’s over. Spent way too much time watching models and seeing what a can’t miss pattern we are in. At least the weenies have been cleared out.
  5. Yeah I agree but I think you had a couple of weenies thinking this had a good shot just because it always trends NW. today’s supposed rain actually trended SE. Gfs looks pretty dry the next 10 days .
  6. No offense but this thread should get weenie thread of the century . No model support and wish casting at its very best. Now , now that should jinx the storm into coming lol
  7. I will invite you to join me in the whining thread by Monday. I refuse to get sucked in
  8. Meet me in the whining thread on Monday . Hard to have hope this late in season and marginal cold air. Good luck to you. I might would have hope if I lived in your neck of the woods. We just can’t get enough cold air this far south it seems
  9. Go out and enjoy the warm temps this weekend. This ain’t happening. Not even close
  10. The weenies have been run from the building. Some still shouting “there is hope” . Yes I’m still stinging from the 3rd straight snowless shutout.
  11. F for me but if you compare to @NorthHillsWx then I basically dropped out without a grade. Never saw a single flake or ice pellet or frz rain
  12. Lol. Can you tell we’ve been burned a few times?
  13. Yes. I would not want to bear that cross lol
  14. Happy hour!! I can’t get sucked back in please don’t let me
  15. Don’t beat yourself up. If I would have been in that area I would have thought major ice storm . If you guys north of here can’t score then I’ve got no hope.
  16. Brad P just posted on Facebook that he busted the forecast. Basically said he was just wrong
  17. I’m not in the game here in Rockingham but those clouds moved in early here and we have been stuck at 45. Good that you got to 32 so fast .
  18. Got a flash flood watch issued for Rockingham NC. Good luck to you guys to the north
  19. Pretty wild. I’m 60 miles south of Greensboro and 9 degrees warmer . Shows you where the cold air is
  20. He is ringing the alarm bells for those areas for sure. It’s sort of scary with all that cold air just to the west.
  21. It’s maddening. I can’t even buy a glaze over here in Rockingham.