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  1. 38 and rain in Rockingham aka the gates of hell. Congrats guys I’m jealous
  2. Cold rain and 40 in rockingham. Right next to the entrance to hell
  3. @GunBlade where can you see current 850 line ? 42/36 here in Rockingham NC
  4. UK met actually went up for Charlotte and hwy 74 just a tick
  5. Does HRRR and the RAP usually have a very warm bias?
  6. Most of you probably know but here is a link to current temps and dew points for NOrth Carolina mods let me know if I need to move to OBS thread
  7. when can we start now casting and looking for trends out west?
  8. @Snow haven I’m in rockingham . We are on the razor edge . I could see Northern part of county getting more based on history. It’s going to be close for sure. Hoping for back end thump and shift 30 miles south for us.
  9. Could anyone tell me how to get a Sref for my area? Trying to learn
  10. If you guys follow Brad P on Facebook he just did an awesome video. He showed a tool where he shifted the storm track 25 miles in each direction . Give it a look.
  11. yep. People starting diving and the model was not finished .
  12. Trying to learn here. Is this going to be strictly rate driven? 850s look good with cold moving in . Not sure what to pull for here lol
  13. To my untrained eye I thought the nam looked good at the end. Holding back just enough and moisture looks robost