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  1. Unless I’m looking at wrong map GEFS upped snow totals over 18z
  2. Ice storm gone on 00 gfs . Not really even a cold rain lol
  3. All the weather pros say pay attention to ensembles in the long run. It would be our luck for the Operational runs to be correct. I’m sticking with ensembles for now
  4. Can someone explain to a newbie if the MJO forecast Moving to 7 accurate or is it like everything else that changes? Sorry for the dumb question
  5. Grit, you feeling like something like that could happen or pure weenie run?
  6. That would put about everyone on the board with winter storm . Wish I had not watched that
  7. My goodness the GFS looks like a monster at 288. Fantasy
  8. Guys the odds are going down. January gone . Got late Jan and feb to get it done
  9. Yes it was a joke. I don’t trust any long term model , but we got to start with something
  10. Who will be the first one to Get suckered in by the hour 366 GFS? Wait I just posted so that’s me. I will never learn to stop looking at fantasy snow. It’s the only kind I get
  11. I’ve seen that many times in my 55 years living in N.C. . 25 miles north of my house so it believable . I’ll watch from the sidelines per usual . Good luck to Northwestern NC .
  12. LMA0 upstate tiger. Usually whatever I say the opposite happens so here it goes. Winter is over . Get ready to over seed your lawn early . That should help
  13. Glad to see you Matthew . What needs to happen for us to see snow besides pray . Lol . Thanks for your insight
  14. Looks like central N.C. got the best snow that run. Why was far west left out on that run? Late bloomer?
  15. Thanks guys for all the info . I’ll keep watching and learning !