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  1. That might be game set and match for winter.
  2. What a strange run, but I would take it. Can it really be that slow moving?
  3. I really wish the banter would stay in another thread.
  4. Moderate snow here in Rockingham NC. Starting to whiten the ground
  5. Latest HRRR looks nice. Still running but snow way further west
  6. Latest HRRR cuts snow off 5 miles from my house. I’m officially cliff diving. Fixing to jump right now
  7. Does anyone have time to post a link to the best site for nowcasting? Someone posted SPC mesoscale but honestly I’m still learning and don’t know exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks
  8. RAP version that runs out to 51 has no storm. I know it’s useless at 51. Hoping for better trends on 00z suites
  9. GEFS looked good to my untrained eye. Maybe a little more in eastern NC? Thoughts
  10. I understand but man Rockingham is the worse. Too far south , east and sometimes west. All I need is a southern slider to miss me to the east and they will put in The sanitarium permanently lol
  11. I hate S va and western NC. They have no idea how living the the Sandhills is.
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