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December 16-17, 2020 Winter Storm Obs/Nowcasting


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Just now, DDweatherman said:

+SN continues in Westminster at 27 degrees. Up to around 6” so far. Thinking if we can hold off the sleet for another 2 hours we’ll crack 10 for the storm, especially if we tack on any extra tonight.

Nice move out of dundalk lol....Not even an inch here..Sleet/rain mix now, more rain than sleet

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10 minutes ago, Ji said:

we are at 27 in Leesburg, we are not going above freezing are we?

I don't think so.. that mix back to snow was brief! East of Leesburg looks close to seeing some freezing rain. Stupid warm nose, poor track, climate.. etc! But this was fun! That heavy band was sweet! Maybe some snow can top off the crust we are getting now.  

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1 minute ago, nj2va said:

Pouring snow here...not the huge sized flakes but a good medium sized (aka the Goldilocks kind i guess..not too big, not too small, just right?).  20/19 with winds out of the east.  

Guy just came to plow our hill and driveway...immediately covered again.

ETA:  Pouring has stopped but still coming down.

Pixie Dust Here. Looks like all the heavy returns are staying to our west all day. We need some bands to move through quickly here 

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