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  1. Heavy snow now, doing a pretty good job of covering over the layer of sleet.
  2. All snow at the moment, heavier than it was before. Hoping it keeps up,
  3. Snow at the moment, was sleeting a few minutes ago. 25/23
  4. 28/12 in Urbana. Partly cloudy skies.
  5. This past storm photos. About 4in here Urbana.
  6. Down to 32 here. Pretty heavy band coming thru now.
  7. Snowing pretty good rates here in Urbana. Roads all covered.
  8. 39/27 here in Urbana. Cloudy skies.
  9. Coming down heavy flakes in Urbana. Close to 4 in here. 34/32
  10. Agreed, I am a novice when it comes to fully understanding the upper levels and minutia of a storm. But looking at the low placement, while there has definitely been tics NW. One thing is for sure, on all the maps it is digging more grabbing up more gulf moisture making a more impressive western precip shield.
  11. Definitely some of the best rates now coming down. Hoping those bands hold together.
  12. Looks like went back to sleet here. Hearing some pingers outside.
  13. Agree(im in Urbana), just came from outside. Coming down at a good clip now, giving a good covering over everything that was exposed earlier today. Hoping the rates hold up for a few hours at least tonight. At least before the lull again(and maybe coastal bands).
  14. Man super fine grain snow here in Urbana. Thought it was sleet at first coming down at a pretty good clip now.