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  1. This is on the AccuWeather app on my phone. Like wtf do they post crap like that?
  2. Could be a rough 1hr period on Thursday [emoji51]. According to AccuWeather that is.
  3. We got zero up here in Parkton. We had a couple of flakes very early in the morning. Not a flake since.
  4. The NSX is nice too [emoji51].
  5. Parkton back to heavy snow.
  6. Parkton 25 and full on sleet with an occasional flake.
  7. We are west of exit 31 at 800ft. Almost a different climate “up” here.
  8. Parkton. 4+ so far. roads caves hours ago.
  9. Parkton reporting in. We sit at 800ft fwiw. Mixing with sleet now. 7 inches of snow before the change over.
  10. Snowing in Parkton , MD We sit at 800 feet. Air is thin up here [emoji51].
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