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Remembering Snowpocalypse -- 12/18-12/19, 2009


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Yeah, what an incredible winter, but it seemed to end so quickly even though we had so much snow. I was stranded in Pennsylvania taking a damn final exam and I drove home the next day and saw car after car in the ditches on the side of I-95. Crazy scenes, but this is what I saw at my house in Dale City. I believe we saw a little over 20 inches. In Pennsylvania we had 16 inches.





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I remember being at work and getting absolutely nothing done... staff members were coming up to me and asking me about the weather all day... I was supposed to help write up a lesson plan for the next week (right before Christmas break) but I never did it cause I knew that we weren't going to be in school.

Remembering how the NAM was giving the LWX region 2.5" liquid and we all thought that was outrageously high... I'll think of more

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the cwg snow map posted wasnt the final, trollios


Capital Weather Gang's final snowfall call for Snowpocalypse.

Not that it matters, since the other map was just fine for an initial accumulation forecast, but this map wasn't posted until after the snow had already started. I mean, at that point, it's kind of an update rather than a forecast. :)

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I remember going outside the garage, and the snow being up to my thighs.. when the garage door opened the snow blew into the house, and I had to clean that up, then I took a picture of my dad's car which was burried totally in the snow. It was quite the sight

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