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  1. January 1996 was under measured for many locations in DC-BWI area... I would bet due to drifitng. I reckon BWI had closer to 30".
  2. Will this rival January 2005 blizzard? I think so or beat it. And match February 2013.. Or dare I say it, it matches 1978?
  3. Don't worry, we'll get another one of these when El Nino and blocking return.... What I really want is a NESIS 5 blizzard. Gotta see of of those one day. And I seriously hope to see DC (probably not, given the way they measure) BWI-PHL-NYC-BOS break their snow records in the same blizzard. That would be something. It would look something like this: BWI: 31" PHL: 34" NYC: 30" BOS: 32".
  4. Correct, Fozz... IMO, Feb 5-6 2010 is BWI #1 event, better than PD II (modern times, not counting 1922).
  5. Philly probably got closer to 33" for JAN 1996...

  6. Philly probably got closer to 33" for JAN 1996...

  7. Hey, Chris-- sorry I missed your note before. It was great to meet you as well-- it's always great to attach a real person to a screen name! :)

  8. It was very nice to meet you, Josh at the GTG!

  9. Thanks for the kind words Chris.

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