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  1. The anomaly is still smaller than the NH one, but its still impressive nonetheless.
  2. Take a look back at the October storm we got in the northeast last year. First time Fall foliage was ruined by 8" of snow Crazy stuff
  3. Exactly, and the 100 million dead by 2030 is the smoking gun to this end
  4. Antarctic just missed out on a record high. 2007 hit 16.232 sq km on day 263 2012 hit 16.221 sq km on day 268
  5. Hey man, I like your posts a lot, and I happen to love the stuff you bring to the table, but I have to say, the blurb you put in your sig (colored in blue) in regard to meteorologists is a bit to far i think. I respect your passion for your view, but to a certain point, challenging meteorologists like that is bit much, and quite frankly it comes off as slightly arrogant. Not trying to start a flame war, just a little advice
  6. Not arguing that point at all. The NH anomalies are much larger than the SH ones at this point. That being said because of the nature of the NH sea ice, its much more susceptible to large scale swings because theres no continent to anchor everything down. Either way, its still impressive that SH extent has climbed this high.
  7. Closing in on the highest extent ever recorded....2007 holds the record. Funny how we set record highs and lows in 07 and we may do it again in 12
  8. pacific ice hit a record high extent earlier this year
  9. 90's done for NYC? Were now past August 25th
  10. I think he's new, but I could be wrong
  11. Yes, but there are several inherent problems with doing this. First, you have to take the extreme position that GHG and AGW are direct threats to the survival of the human species, and that there is simply no way for us to adapt to a warmer planet. Secondly, in executing the 10 point plan you listed above, you begin to encroach on certain inalienable rights we have as American citizens (liberty, property, life, etc), which is why I view many people such as yourself as a threat to American society as we know it, and the reason people like Ron Paul are getting more popular.
  12. Yeah, I live in a snowhole as well. For the 3 KU's during 2010-11 Dec 26: 15" Jan 7-8: 14.5" Jan 26-27: 14.5" Last 20"+ storm was 06....even with the huge number of KU's in the recent years, my area is just a general snowhole during big storms
  13. Its 30 years. Hardly a second in climatic terms....its like looking at the DJIA from 1929 to 1933 and trying to predict when it will reach 0. The atmosphere is complex enough, but when you throw the pacific, arctic, and atlantic oceans into the mix, things are only further complicated. I'm not saying that there hasnt been a trend downwards, and I'm not saying CO2 didnt play a part, but i'm against making dramatic predictions based on such a small data sample.