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  1. Hot in that police uniform? You must get really irritated and sweaty along your belt with all your stuff hooked on? You can wear shortsleeves though in May, correct? It is summer uniforms?
  2. I believe 5/9 is the latest day in the season that NYC has recorded any snowfall. The latest freeze came a few days earlier, on 5/6. When is the last day of the season with a record low max in the 40s, Uncle?
  3. Saturday was really an impressively cold day for May 13th in the modern era. So many of the record low maxes are from the late 1800s and early 1900s. My dad's car thermometer was reading 46F on Pelham Pkwy at 6pm. Many people turned on the heating last night...that's really late to need heating in NYC proper. Areas just outside the City that radiated better during last week's cool snap are really far below normal for May. A lot of the suburbs have been routinely hitting mid to upper 30s while Central Park rotted in the upper 40s. I believe Isotherm is around -5.5F this month. What is your departure on Staten Is, Uncle or Doncat?
  4. I think even NYC would have been snow if this storm had been on April 13th instead of May 13th..it was 46F here in the East Bronx driving home at 6pm. Climo rises about 10F or so in a month so it would have been a mid 30s wet snow. Impressive that we've had two snow events in May as the rainstorm last weekend produced some back end flakes as well. Unfortunately it looks like it will be the tale of two Mays as much warmer weather is coming in which should erase some of the extreme anomalies...
  5. I know 48F here in the Bronx. Incredie for this late in the season. Reminds me of the 46F high on 5/14/2010. Glad I didn't put the coat away.
  6. Saturday is forecast at 53/47 here, which should be close to -10F departure. Not often you see highs in the low 50s in mid-May. I do remember a high of 46F on 5/14/10 in Westchester, that was one of the latest times we've used the heat.
  7. You had a lot more in Hurricane Floyd than we did in Dobbs Ferry...I think about 7" fell in Southern Westchester. I do remember school being delayed the following morning, only time we had a delay for rain.
  8. Last night was pretty chilly in the Bronx. Had to sleep in a sweatshirt.
  9. I think it's June 21, 1967.
  10. UAH was +0.27C for April 2017. Increase of 0.08C from March.
  11. Our house in the north Bronx still got quite chilly...highs in the mid 50s and lows in the mid 40s cooled it down fast. Heating season is over so just have to pile on the blankets.
  12. Last night was unusually warm given 850s were like -5C. Not sure what happened...maybe weak WAA in the lower levels?
  13. Surprised it's been melting so much, high was only 56F in NYC yesterday, and flakes were flying across the high terrain last night. However, the warm April probably ripened up the pack significantly. Didn't have many cold nights (10s or 20s) the first part of the month.
  14. Looks like the green-up is creeping up the mountain. All white this morning, however, I suspect.
  15. Core of the cold looks to pass over eastern WI and the UP of Michigan.