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  1. nzucker

    March, 2019

    Two of these were strong +ENSO (although 1997 actually had a cool fall in an east-based Super Niño)...
  2. nzucker

    March, 2019

    March has been a cold month and one of our snowiest in recent years. Four Nor'easters in 2018 plus the April storm; the Mar 2017 storm just missed clobbering the City but was like 10" here and 20-30" in outlying areas. Really enjoying the extended winter, very refreshing and crisp this morning. What do you think of the Day 10 threat, any legs? The SOI dip and Phase 3 MJO does seem to have the cold anchored back in the east with some very low heights to our north in Canada.
  3. nzucker

    March, 2019

    I think there's a chance...models have been showing that EPO block and window just past the equinox for a while now. We often see the final snowfall of the season around the equinox.
  4. nzucker

    March, 2019

    NYC reached freezing last night. I think tonight is a lock, probably upper 20s.
  5. nzucker

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    I think I've seen this before although I only went to one conference. Was that 2/78? How old was she? So sorry for your loss....
  6. There's also some elevation in the Cyprus Hills area.
  7. Yeah the Euro had like 9-12" while reality was more 4-8" with lower amounts right near the coast. Mid-level warming was an issue as even the Bronx mixed with sleet a bit.
  8. nzucker

    March, 2019

    08-09 was a pretty good winter in Dobbs Ferry....8" on 12/19, 6.5" on 1/26, and 10" on 3/1 were the major events. Last accumulation was 1" on 3/20. February was largely a dud like this winter, except for one 3" event on 2/3 I believe. I left for Chile so I missed the 3/1 event. Very cold January that year....most stations were -3F to -4F. Possible some light snow on Friday before the transition begins to a milder pattern. If that goes for like 2 weeks, it'll be around 3/25 that the next trough approaches. Pretty late, but not totally impossible to see another light to moderate snowfall, considering we had 6" on 4/2 last year. Not sure about single digits...NWS seems to be backing off on lows and has us mostly around 20F. April 2013 also had a cold, dry stretch with radiational cooling nights that brought us into the 20s. As did April 2016 and, of course, last year w/ the 4/2 snow and a missed threat on 4/9. Warmth didn't arrive until the mini heat wave in May as I recall running the heat quite deep into April.
  9. nzucker

    March, 2019

    I love Riverdale and have seen every simple episode. Lots of good intrigue and some very skilled young actors. Loved the reveal of the Black Hood as well as the ongoing uncertainty between Hermione and Hiram Lodge as to who is truly evil. We also don't know how closely the town's events parallel the game of Griffons&Gargoyles which the town is set on playing. Very sad to see Luke Perry gone. He was only 52 as well, and a main character in Riverdale. Don't know how his gruff, tough love manner will be replaced.
  10. nzucker

    March, 2019

    Even the 3/1-3/2 storm seemed to have a slightly better airmass. That was a very powdery snow. This week looks cold with multiple days not reaching 32F...my forecast show 31/18, 28/18, 30/22. NWS did back off on some of the morning cold. But should be the coldest stretch by far until next winter, and particularly impressive for March. I'm still not sold on a March 1960/1967/1994/2015 due to the models showing a strong warming trend as the -EPO breaks down. 07-08 was more of a SWFE. Yesterday was a coastal. We also had much colder weather this winter than in 07-08, aside from the brutal March 08, which approached record lows where I lived in Poughkeepsie. But I agree that the storm track to the west was very similar to what we saw in 07-08; yesterday was the exception, not the rule.
  11. I have about 18" this season off an average just around 30." We need one major storm to approach average. Doubt it's in the cards, but with this cold -EPO pattern, a few smaller storms are possible before the breakdown post 3/15. Doubt we saw our last flakes.
  12. I doubt it will get here, just shy of 3" so far.
  13. nzucker

    OBS thread 10P Mar 1-10A Mar 2, 2019

    Yeah I have 1.5"+ in Bronx. Looks nice out there. Expecting 4-6". Three nights in a row of snow in a snowless winter, who would have thought.
  14. nzucker

    OBS thread 10P Mar 1-10A Mar 2, 2019

    Radar looks good for the area.
  15. nzucker

    March, 2019

    We've had a lot of cold Marches recently....March 2013 had two significant snowfalls, 2014 started with a week of highs in the 20s/low 30s with a storm missing South, March 2015 began with 20" snowpack at Central Park that lingered through much of the month, March 2017 had a 10" snow/sleet storm, and March 2018 had 4 Nor'easters. I don't expect us to come close to those max temps Mar 1-10...next week looks extremely cold with 850s of -18C. I think we start torching with a GoA low as the -EPO breaks down after 3/15. But until then it's deep winter with several major snow threats.