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  1. Light snow in Pelham Bay at 39F.
  2. The Nina was more west-based in 05-06, and there was also a much more classic -PDO with the cold Gulf of Alaska and warmer waters towards the Aleutians.
  3. Woah that was a huge storm at my house in the Poconos. 29". How did that happen, deformation?
  4. Congrats! Where else did you look?
  5. I've skied at Snowbird twice, and it was amazing both times. I went with Skierinvermont from these forums...he lives out in Denver now, but was living in the SLC area at the time. It's really amazing out there...so beautiful, so many outdoor activities nearby, great city life too. I've been to Park City in the summer and it's great then as well. My mom went to the Sundance Film Festival there, and she loved it, too. Wow 200-250" is a lot. You must have a pretty nice spot. I know Snowbird averages like 500" and got 700" in 10-11.
  6. Wow, sorry to see you go, you've been a great contributor to these forums. How long have you been in NJ? Park City is a whole different ballgame though. Congrats? How much snow do they average?
  7. Please don't silence me. Airmasses are never as cold here as in Nunavut or wherever they come from in arctic outbreaks. That's mostly a result of climo and sun angle, not really modification. Your original argument was that the airmass modified due to lack of snow cover. Yet Canadian snow cover is at record high levels for the date. So how is that an argument? Also, does a modified airmass really set record lows across the board?
  8. Yes, this is very extreme cold for early-mid November. Calling it modified is a stretch. I mean obviously an airmass over Boston won't be as cold as the same airmass over Nunavut, but that's really just climo, not modification.
  9. Canada has one of the highest snow covers for this time of year. November 2017 is one of the highest for global snow cover, and North American snow cover, just as November 2016 was the worst. There is snow from British Columbia to Quebec. As well as across much of the Northern Plains and Intermountain West I mean you can always say, "Well it's modified because it's not x degrees" and then pick an absurdly low value. Of course it is not -20F in early November, that's not a possible temperature for this time of year. If we set a record low of 45F in mid-July, would you say, "It's modified because it's not 0F and a blinding blizzard?" Of course not! Modified to me implies moderating arctic air that arrives on westerly winds and comes from Western Canada and then dips down into the Lakes/OH Valley, before finally arriving in weaker form. HYSPLIT analysis shows this airmass is straight from the North Pole. Pure northerly CAA. To me, record low indicates this is NOT modified.
  10. It's not really modified, most places will set record lows tonight. How is this modified? It's early November, not mid December.
  11. Wouldn't that be 6.6"?
  12. It's typical when you get big Aleutian ridge patterns with a -NAO to see a piece of the vortex left behind over Alaska. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as long as those low heights aren't the dominant feature on the map, but rather a result of the strong poleward block over the Aleutians. Dec 2010 was -4F at NYC with 20"+ of snow, and look at 500mb:
  13. It depends how far over the Pole that block can get. If it links up with the Kara Sea ridge and forms a true -AO, then real good times ahead. Especially if the modeled higher heights over Siberia take place. On the other hand, if we just get a weak east-based NAO, that may allow the retrograding pattern in the Pacific to warm up the East again. If that Aleutian ridge gets too far west, the trough will drop into the West, and the RNA pattern will allow the SE ridge to strengthen. I do see a lot of good signals for blocking, so I'm leaning towards the colder scenarios. The presence of high snow cover over Canada also makes me more confident in the delivery of cold airmasses. We shouldn't get much moderation with the extent and depth of the developing Canadian snow pack.
  14. What was the actual RSS value?
  15. I hiked Snake Mountain a few times while at Middlebury. It was easy to bike over there and then hike up. Great views of the surrounding Champlain Valley.