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  1. That was right after an El Nino though...this year would be 2 years removed.
  2. Usually a weak Nina/negative-neutral is cold in the Northeast, thinking of 95-96, 60-61, 66-67, etc.
  3. May was like that, too. We had around 20 days with negative departures and then 3 days that were +20 (including LGA hitting 101F) that muted the negative anomaly.
  4. And still not THAT hot...probably looking at a +1 to +1.5 type of month.
  5. The re-analysis shows the trough mostly to our west, leading to a humid southerly flow with the main cold anomalies over the Lakes, and up towards the concentrated PV over Greenland. That's why we are seeing average temps with above average precip/convection. Greenland is having one of its coldest summers on record. The low of -33C at Summit, Greenland was the lowest July temperature ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere. Climate change may explain a quarter degree of the additional warmth compared to heights. But the H5 maps with a trough largely to our west and a huge concentrated PV over Greenland, seem more logical.
  6. They have 6 90-degree days, 3 in May, 3 in June, none in July. Should get the Park's first of July tomorrow. Then it may be a while. Doesn't look like we get a huge heat summer...more moderate.
  7. The 1998 to 2014 warming rate of .14C/decade would still indicate a brief hiatus compared to the long term trend of .18C/decade, but it brings us closer to expectations. I believe that basic physics tells us that the lower troposphere (TLT measurement) should warm faster than the surface, so this finally brings the data in line with the theory. It also shows that the hiatus centered around 2008-2009, while not entirely significant, had a very minor effect on the overall trend and long-term projections. Having said that, with a larger cold pool in the North Pacific, as well as extended periods of low solar activity/TSI/low sunspots, there may be reason to expect another hiatus, perhaps a bit more significant, but unlikely to affect the long term anthropogenic warming trend aroumd 0.15C-0.2C/decade, increasing towards the latter part of 21st century.
  8. Could be one of the coolest starts to June in years. After a very cold May minus three blazing days mid month.
  9. Hot in that police uniform? You must get really irritated and sweaty along your belt with all your stuff hooked on? You can wear shortsleeves though in May, correct? It is summer uniforms?
  10. I believe 5/9 is the latest day in the season that NYC has recorded any snowfall. The latest freeze came a few days earlier, on 5/6. When is the last day of the season with a record low max in the 40s, Uncle?
  11. Saturday was really an impressively cold day for May 13th in the modern era. So many of the record low maxes are from the late 1800s and early 1900s. My dad's car thermometer was reading 46F on Pelham Pkwy at 6pm. Many people turned on the heating last night...that's really late to need heating in NYC proper. Areas just outside the City that radiated better during last week's cool snap are really far below normal for May. A lot of the suburbs have been routinely hitting mid to upper 30s while Central Park rotted in the upper 40s. I believe Isotherm is around -5.5F this month. What is your departure on Staten Is, Uncle or Doncat?
  12. I think even NYC would have been snow if this storm had been on April 13th instead of May 13th..it was 46F here in the East Bronx driving home at 6pm. Climo rises about 10F or so in a month so it would have been a mid 30s wet snow. Impressive that we've had two snow events in May as the rainstorm last weekend produced some back end flakes as well. Unfortunately it looks like it will be the tale of two Mays as much warmer weather is coming in which should erase some of the extreme anomalies...
  13. I know 48F here in the Bronx. Incredie for this late in the season. Reminds me of the 46F high on 5/14/2010. Glad I didn't put the coat away.
  14. Saturday is forecast at 53/47 here, which should be close to -10F departure. Not often you see highs in the low 50s in mid-May. I do remember a high of 46F on 5/14/10 in Westchester, that was one of the latest times we've used the heat.
  15. You had a lot more in Hurricane Floyd than we did in Dobbs Ferry...I think about 7" fell in Southern Westchester. I do remember school being delayed the following morning, only time we had a delay for rain.