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  1. 12z ECM builds a nice trough into SE Canada with sub 0C 850s over Hudson Bay towards the end of the run. Could be on track for a similar pattern as 2013 with the scorching first half of July, then cooler weather late July/August. Of course the strength of the WAR will determine how far east that cooler airmass makes it.
  2. I just mentioned Kimball's to my boyfriend last night when we were having ice cream in the Village. Nothing can beat Kimball's.
  3. nzucker

    It's Windy.

    A lot of cold heights in the Northern Hemisphere.
  4. nzucker

    Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    Doesn't the weather forecast look increasingly hostile though with a strong ridge over the Siberian side? Even if it's not a dipole, won't that degree of warmth (like +9C 850) promote melting?
  5. Another cool day with rain showers and a temperature of 70F in the Bronx. Been a while since I needed AC.
  6. My garden is doing really well this year....light insect damage on the eggplant (I'm all organic, though I use a mix of castile soap and water to repel bugs)...but everything is green and rapidly budding.
  7. Cool night here with temps in the mid 50s...
  8. Central Park had a high of 88F?
  9. nzucker

    NNE Summer Thread

    Any snow left on Mansfield? What is the stake reading?
  10. nzucker

    Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    It still looks like just a moderate melt pattern unless the PV over Baffin Island loses all influence. It's rare to get such a widespread high pressure extending from the Beaufort to Greenland, as we had in 2012. The usual response to ridging over Alaska is lower heights and associated PV in the Baffin region. The PV has been very stubborn in recent summers. With early indications that it is re-establishing in an environment of lower overall hemispheric heights, I remain skeptical of a 2012/2007 melt unless we see major changes.
  11. nzucker

    Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    It's hard to get a strong high pressure over Greenland with the near constant vortex near Hudson Bay. Some of the long range GFS runs have shown a ridge poking into Greenland from the east, however. Do you think the PV may finally drop further south and be forced out of the Baffin/Hudson Bay region?
  12. nzucker

    Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    Will, the maps I'm seeing are showing relatively low heights over the Arctic and overall much cooler temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere compared to recent extreme warmth...this has a weak dipole signature but still looks chilly over the North Pole and parts of the Canadian Archipelago/Greenland...the rest of the Arctic would probably be near average in this pattern:
  13. nzucker

    2018 Temperatures

    Global SSTs have also decreased to around 0.19C anomaly after being as high as 0.3C anomaly earlier this year...so that is possibly driving some of the cooling, as well as the pattern over the Northern Hemisphere, which is favoring lower heights in the mid to upper latitudes.
  14. nzucker

    2018 Temperatures

    To be fair, May looks to be running significantly colder than March or April globally. The decrease in NH temps is especially apparent. We'll see how far the dip in the NH goes with the progged 500mb pattern. So he is correct that the globe has experienced some modest cooling recently.
  15. It's really great to see more people getting into gardening; I've been hooked since I grew my first tomato in 2008. I used to do a backyard garden in Dobbs Ferry, although the deer were always a menace as my parents' home backs onto a 300-acre nature preserve which is a haven for all sorts of hungry wildlife. Now I have limited space so I just do a few containers on a backyard concrete patio, and I buy most of the seedlings already planted. I have two types of tomatoes (one cherry and one beefsteak), two types of eggplant, lettuce, arugula, chard, peas, basil, and sage. As you said, squashes do require a lot of space, so that's more difficult. I'm really impressed you grew everything from seed; that's a lot of work. I did have a great crop of Waltham Butternut Squash in Dobbs a few years ago, however...really tasty. I also really like to grow red cabbage, although that doesn't do as well in containers. But I harvested like 8 big cabbages back a few summers ago, and those were really tasty. My favorite type of pea is an Indian yellow pea that is very delicate and tasty. I also really like to experiment with heirloom tomatoes...Have you tried Brandywines or Mortgage Lifters? Siberian Early Girl are also a really good varietal, as is the Lemon Boy yellow hybrid tomato. You might want to experiment more with composting. Have you tried? In NYC we have municipal compost, which I put out every week. I do a lot of juicing (making some unusual juices with fresh ginger, fresh sage and mint, as well as the standards like carrots and oranges), so I always have a lot of fruit scraps/cuttings. I would love to have access to my own compost pile or compost maker (I had a special bin in Dobbs), but there's simply no room in the Bronx to do that. However, curbside composting is overall much better for the environment as the City can collect far more stuff from far more people, and distribute the finished product to farmers in the whole region.