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  1. Hey how goes? Nice event today here...BL temps started a little toasty at 36-37F, but then we got a 32F pasting. Real heavy, wet snow that stuck to everything. So you might finally beat me 60 miles north and 500' higher?
  2. How much you have on the season? I have 25.5" in the Bronx after tonight.
  3. Glad u guys are doing well but street pics seem less than 4 inches

  4. Snow/Slop Storm 2/17-18 Obs

    I sent you a PM, but I think you and I live on the same street. Still 32F with SN here, will measure again a bit later.
  5. Snow/Slop Storm 2/17-18 Obs

    About 4.75" in the Bronx...32F with SN. Took a real nice couple pics:
  6. Snow/Slop Storm 2/17-18 Obs

    Heavy snow in the Bronx, 4" down. 32F. Roads covered.
  7. Snow/Slop Storm 2/17-18 Obs

    1.75" in the Northeast Bronx, 33/29, moderate snow. Roads are slushy, white everywhere else. Radar looks juiced.
  8. Well Central Park got 4.5" on 3/1/15 and 7.5" on 3/5/15. Snowpack peaked at 19". Yes, I remember Jan 26 2015...we only had 6.5" in Westchester on a forecast of 2ft. Central Park had like 10" though. Also, your argument doesn't hold a lot of water because the pattern depicted is an unusual one with a -5SD -NAO block.
  9. You just said, "We don't get big snowstorms in March" to Anthony, who lives in NYC. But NYC does get big snowstorms in March. As evidenced by the widespread 8-12" that fell on 3/18/17. As evidenced by the 20" snow pack in early March 2015. As evidenced by the dual 3-6/4-8" events in March 2013. As evidenced by the 10" snowstorm in Central Park on 3/2/09. March averages more snow than December. Know your facts.
  10. What are you talking about dude? I had 13" in Westchester and 9" at my place in the Bronx last March 18th. 2015 had a 20" snowpack in Central Park on March 8th. March 2013 had an 8" snowfall and a 5.5" snowfall at my parents' place in Southern Westchester. I believe the first storm was an ocean low on March 8th, the second a SWFE on March 18th. Check your facts before posting nonsense.
  11. Well, SSWs are more common during El Ninos because the El Nino causes enhanced ozone transport to the North Pole via the Brewer-Dodgson Circulation. Low ozone is a common condition of La Ninas, which makes it harder to warm the stratosphere effectively.
  12. The 12th is Lincoln's birthday and the 19th is Washington's birthday.
  13. Feb 7th snow threat

    I think it's those fuzzy, hairy vines that allow me to recognize it in the winter...the shiny leaves of three are a telltale sign in summer. Poison ivy leaves usually have a very particular sheen, and they are often slightly reddish in hue. Manhattan's UHI makes it harder to hold onto ZR in marginal situations. I am in a very residential area. I skipped class at City College because it was such a mess out. Icy, heavy rains, cold. We have jumped up to 40F now, however. I think we may have had slightly less snow because the band petered out here faster.
  14. Feb 7th snow threat

    Yes, I know how to recognize poison ivy, but thank you; I've been a gardener for years as well as an avid hiker. So I'm very familiar with both the vine and ground cover form of poison ivy. I wasn't actually that close to the tree...the photograph is deceiving. I took that from several feet away. I just wanted to show the accretion of ice, signalling that the temperature has remained very close to 32F even within the Five Boroughs. (Although this is one of the colder parts of the City...Van Cortlandt Park is probably the coldest.) I didn't have quite an inch...I'm going with 0.75". There was one nice band, but then there was a huge lull that followed. 32-33F here with RA. Maybe a bit of ZR.
  15. Feb 7th snow threat

    Still 32F here in the Northeast Bronx with a mix of rain and freezing rain. Roads are mostly wet, sidewalks are treacherous. Very slippery out here; cold air has hung tough.