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  1. RIP My Friend.  The great ones always go way too soon.  I hope you can still read the forum from where you are and know that we all have you in our thoughts and in our hearts and prayers.  Here's to an eternity of snowy winters on Mt Zucker and great gardening in all your summers!

  2. I like the looks of a weak Niña, warm NP, and low solar activity. How is ozone and strat temps?
  3. I mean overall your forecast was a hit, but the idea of heat returning in the 2nd half of August never really came to pass. July was an extremely hot month, nearly up there with '55 and '66. Also, you went a little heavy on 90-degree days; part may be attributable to the vegetation in Central Park.
  4. We didn't really have "increasing heat and humidity" in August. I think the month finished +0.3F with 3 days that hit exactly 90F. That's not exactly a warm August.
  5. No it's not It's not. I was in the garden tonight and it got dark around 7:45.
  6. I've had almost no rain in the Bronx this August. My neighbor's squash looks crisped.
  7. UAH only came in at +0.38C, however, but they tend to run low.
  8. No rain at all here in the Bronx. Garden has dried out fast.
  9. I still think it will be difficult. The ice is much higher concentration this year in the CAB/CAA, and 2012 had so much rotted ice on the Siberian side. This year, it's more just a straight line between ice/no ice.
  10. I'm from Dobbs. I grew up on Luzern Rd and my parents still live there. Where in town is your dad?
  11. 63 and breezy, feels more like early May. Cool start to June, but that's been typical in recent years. Summer heat lingers well into fall but starts out mild.
  12. The winter of 60-61 was the snowiest in Dobbs Ferry history with 90". All three major snowstorms were 15"+ there, and the town had 10 straight nights in the single digits. March 1960 was 32" in Dobbs Ferry. Jealous you experienced 76-77 in northern Maine. The cold must have been amazing. What was your lowest max and min?
  13. Lol yeah...we only got 52" that winter in Rindge. Had 24" in the October bomb and 3" a few days before that. Only saw about 2 feet fall the entire winter at 1200' in the Monadnocks. Had 68" in 09-10 and 70" in 10-11 in Westchester.
  14. Also looks like significant improvement north of the CAA and Greenland.