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  1. https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/?model=fv3p&region=us&pkg=mslp_pcpn_frzn&runtime=2018112212&fh=6
  2. terrapin8100

    11/15-11/16 Coastal Storm Observation Thread

    7.0 inches in Ossining, NY with snow/sleet mix.
  3. Flurries in Ossining, NY
  4. terrapin8100

    April 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

  5. terrapin8100

    March 7th 2018 Coastal Storm Observations

    10 inches of snow in Ossining, NY with light snow falling.
  6. terrapin8100

    Snow/Slop Storm 2/17-18 Obs

    Light snow in Cold Spring, NY. Dusting on most surfaces.
  7. terrapin8100

    Feb 7th snow threat

    32 with freezing rain in Yonkers
  8. terrapin8100

    January 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    Light snow in Yonkers with a coating on the grass and cartops. More than I was expecting here, though the short range models have been edging up all night. The Island should do well with this.
  9. terrapin8100

    2017-18 area river and sea ice photos

    Snow and ice along the Yonkers Waterfront during this morning's storm.
  10. terrapin8100

    2017-18 area river and sea ice photos

    From Tuesday, the Hudson River in Yonkers.
  11. terrapin8100

    June 2017 Observations & Discussions Thread

    Heavy rain with sunshine in Yonkers
  12. terrapin8100

    Possible ligh snow event 3/18-3/19 & Obs

    Alternating between light snow and graupel in Yonkers.
  13. terrapin8100

    March 13-14, The Blizzard of 2017: Obs

    Heavy sleet in Yonkers. Looks like one final burst before it wraps up.
  14. terrapin8100

    March 13-14, The Blizzard of 2017: Obs

    Mostly sleet with a few flakes in Yonkers
  15. terrapin8100

    March 10th 2017 Clipper disco/obs

    CMC - Similar to GFS