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  1. Monitoring software is already in place.

  2. The crazy thing is they dont know I can still send messages from other IDs ;) Most of my "associates" are already in place, ready to make things interesting on here ;) Some people will be getting exactly what they deserve in very short order....

  3. Yep, and I'm preparing a big meal :) We have some nice fat pigs about to be roasted in their own juices and you're invited for dinner when I'm done!

  4. Is that why you haven't been posting? You are hungry?

  5. and I'm kind of hungry :)

  6. LOL well you know how I feel about sheep being led to the slaughter.....

  7. Wow Alex! So many people have viewed your profile!

  8. Yeah, I was going to tell you that today is probably not the right day to be messing with it lol.
  9. Earthlight is pissed because his tv felt off its wall mount. I hope your new scope is okay Maybe you will buy a seismometer kit or a seismograph next
  10. Thanks for that link-- that's my favorite scale We need a scale like that for canes, too lol. It was a IV here based on that scale.
  11. With how hard my house was shaking, I was surprised it was centered so far away, but it was kind of cool/exciting to experience. Now, it might be a good time to have the house inspected lol.
  12. High was 92 here today--- day number 16
  13. Let's see if EWR can beat their extremes from 1993-94.... I believe they reached 105 in July 1993 and dropped to -8 in Jan 1994 (they radiate well.)
  14. Another couple of hours and we would have done it
  15. Last summer I had 33, with 13 of those being 95+ days and 3 100+ days.... so many of those days were towards the high end, that's what was really impressive. We usually get a couple of 90 degree days into September, but very few and far between.
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