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  1. Measured around 1.5" of sleet at multiple points on my sidewalk. The most sleet I've had since 1994.
  2. Rain at 7AM turned to snow by 7:15. The mulch and grass have caved with my temp at 34.3.
  3. Could Capital Weather Gang use your picture with the branch and ruler? I'm not sure they'll use it bu think it's a good one.
  4. I think the 00Z UKMET if extended would be good. It has the primary low in Kentucky and the secondary forming in eastern NC with you under a pretty good wedge.
  5. Rates alone can't but if the atmosphere above is dry, as the snow melts and evaporates the column can cool and help turn the rain to snow. That's what the models have been advertising.
  6. Don't we wish. The Euro slid back but not as far as the UKMET. The 06Z Euro ensembles only give us a 10 to 20 percent chance of 3 inches. The 06Z GEFS loves us. Why do I think it better to be with the UKMET and Euro? Still too early to give up. I still write for the post so that limits me from saying too much until we post our article.
  7. It is pretty good step towards the GFS. Below is a comparison of 00Z 500h and the 12Z. Note how much more ridging takes place ahead of the vort and associated trof and what has happened over Maine. The latter has relaxed allowing more room for our approaching trough. If it relaxes a tad more we might get development a little farther west and more precipitation. There is that pesky impulse ahead of the trof, if it were to minor out quicker that would also help.
  8. The 18Z GFS sure is encouraging. It's not back to yesterday's Euro, but gives me 11".
  9. Well occasionally. Unfortunately, the Euro ensemble mean for the 28th looks pretty bad. I haven't given up on the 28th but would feel better if the Euro and UKMET were on my side than the Canadian and GFS.
  10. One of the problems that is just as important as the weaker ridge behind it is the upper pattern over New England won't allow enough room for a shortwave ridge to form ahead of the trough which keeps it from strengthening and in a sense shears it a bit while also reducing the upper level divergence in advance of the trough compared to what would happen with more room and a better shortwave ridge. That prevents our surface low from getting very far north. At least that's my take. Weaken or shove the troughiness over the northeast a little farther east and we'd be OK. At least I think we'd be OK. Slow the eastward movement of the trof would help do the same thing.
  11. It does differ but still offers no snow, looks like freezing rain. It does have another possible weird looking snow event later in the month but the surface looks really strange. The euro does offer some front end snow but with the surface track and development its got, I'm not sure I buy but hope it's right.
  12. Unfortunately the Canadian also is onboard the GFS express. It looks much different over Canada at 500h but not enough. I'm supposed to be a Winter weather Expert and the last two years, there has been no storms to write about.
  13. Jason and I will have a post on it coming up. Right now we're playing the probabilities for various accumulations lower than suggested by the eps POPS or GFS as there were lots of different evolutions shown on the ensemble stamps. Plus, we're 4 days out and we live around DC.
  14. That's what I thought I remembered from yesterday's Sterling winter weather workshop.
  15. Geoff, How does the Parallel GFS do compared to the current version. I noticed the 00Z parallel from last night had much lower pressure over the Great Lakes than the 00Z operational so it forecast all rain across the area. It was quite a bit farther west with the secondary. Despite the overly rosey Eruo ensemble snow probabilities, the lows were all over the place, lots of spread.